Golden opportunity: for dentists and jewellers

SLM desktop machine for manufacturing metal components

Innovate or die! The revolution for product data management

There is huge pressure on companies to be more competitive. Leon Lauritsen outlines the benefits of new product lifecycle management software

Improving spread of strain and stresses across bonded joints

Engineers are always on the look out for better and more efficient ways of designing and producing structures - so what is there on offer? Sebastien Lichtle reports

Dell Precision M4500 is 'most powerful 15.6-inch mobile workstation'

Dell is claiming that the new Dell Precision M4500 is 'the world's most powerful 15.6-inch mobile workstation'

Pattern recognition ensures quality OEM data exchanges

Luca Cariglia looks at the use of pattern recognition technology for validation of model translation and comparison.

Processes and affordable equipment speed new product development

Reducing the time and costs involved in getting products to market is a major concern for design managers today, yet this must be achieved without compromising the quality of the design. Paul Stevens looks at some of the latest developments

Spreadsheet designed specifically for technical data analysis

Enhanced computation, plotting, algorithm development and integrated MATLAB code execution simplifies complex data analysis tasks

3M multi-touch screens to be revealed

3M will be exhibiting a number of multi-touch desktop displays at Kiosk Europe Expo, offering new opportunities for software developers

CAD software available on a software-as-a-service basis

Ascon Group and Cloud IT are co-operating to provide the Kompas-3D mechanical CAD software package on the basis of software-as-a-service (SaaS)

CAD package benefits from additional features

Bricsys says that Bricscad V11 benefits from numerous new features, plus there are over 160 third-party applications available for this .dwg compatible CAD package

V5 of MEDUSA4 2D/3D CAD available for download

Private and business users now benefit from the latest enhancements to CAD Schroer’s free 2D/3D CAD suite for Windows and Linux

A clearer view of how to exploit cloud computing

Design engineers and design managers may have heard the term 'cloud computing' but found it hard to establish exactly what it is - or whether it will help them in their jobs. Alistair Rae presents some answers to these questions and looks at what might happen in the future

Product Lifecycle Management is now more accessible for all organisations

Product Lifecycle Management offers many benefits for manufacturing companies. Jon Severn reports on some recent developments that could create new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises wanting to implement PLM




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