750W AC-DC power supplies

Key applications include surgical, life support, imaging and blood processing products, as well as test and measurement equipment

Low profile 225 Watt power supply

High efficiency and very low no load input power consumption enable compliance with the latest ‘green’ standards

Ultra slim DIN rail power supplies

Can be mounted on a DIN rail in factory automation, process control and various other industrial applications

Medical wall mount power supplies

An operating temperature range from 0 to +60˚C, and a full power rating to +40˚C allow the power supplies to operate in most environments

Wall plug PSUs up to 36 Watts

All the popular nominal output voltages of 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24VDC are available

High efficiency 40/50 Watt DC-DC converters

Suitable for use in a broad range of mobile and portable board mounted applications

Compact 1W and 2 W DC-DC converters target medical applications

Capable of operating in most environments over the extended operating temperature range of – 20 to + 100˚C

Compact 65 Watt external power supply

Meets Level VI requirements and suits medical and commercial applications

Slim DIN Rail power supplies offer redundancy module option

Aimed at industrial type applications, such as process control and building automation

225 Watt AC-DC supply in a 2in x 4in package

Seven single-output models that offer a range of standard output voltages from +12VDC to +48VDC

DIN rail DC-DC converters

Offer a wide input and noise immunity for industrial applications

AC-DC power supplies have a typical efficiency up to 94%

Smallest 400 Watt convection cooled power supply for medical and industrial applications




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