Connected home network technologies

Modern connected home devices use wireless network protocols to communicate with each other

Automotive receiver family

Chips enable car radio suppliers to use designs across multiple product lines

Three chips for 802.11ax wireless ecosystem

Support delivery of simultaneous video, voice, data and IOT services

Module uses interference blocking to boost range

Provide reliable long-range, low-data rate connectivity for industrial IoT applications

Millimetre-wave 5G test system

Supports the emulation and aggregation of very wideband 5G radio channels at millimetre-wave frequencies

Ultra-wideband mixer integrates LO buffer for high dynamic range

Aimed at applications such as 5G microwave backhaul, broadband wireless services, satellite broadband radios, radar systems

Developing 4G and 5G small cell technology

Plans to deploy the integrated hardware and software in a variety of 4G and 5G research and development programmes

RFID, NFC and Bluetooth functionality in one proximity reader

Can be deployed in applications allowing or requiring identification with mobile phones

300MHz to 6GHz dual wideband mixer

For 5G wireless multichannel remote radio head wireless access equipment

Photonic detectors for distance measurement

Suit applications such as rangefinders, robot vacuum cleaners, factory automation, surveying/mapping, autonomous vehicles

Automotive module combines dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Supports in-vehicle-infotainment and telematics applications requiring high data rates and concurrent connectivity

First end-to-end portfolio for 802.11ax WiFi

Wi-Fi networks become more crowded, dense and diverse, 802.11ax is designed to improve connected experiences

Sub-1GHz wireless solution spans 20km on a coin cell

Texas Instruments has launched a sub-GHz wireless system that an run for up to 20 years on a single cell, and offer a range of up to 20km. Nick Flaherty reports

LTE industrial cellular gateway

Helps M2M system integrators maximise reliability and minimise latency for video-over-LTE applications

Ultra-low power communications

Imagination launches industry’s lowest power wireless IP for wearables and IoT

Integrated wireless charging

IDT Teams with Blu Wireless to unite wireless charging and WiGig 60GHz data




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