Water-cooled motor

700kW motor features extremely high efficiency and many application options

Geared motors with high power density and higher torque ratings

Two new frame sizes with sturdy monobloc cast iron housings and rated torques up to 1,550Nm expand the existing family

Electrical solution for biomass energy

Scheme reuses sugarcane bagasse as a renewable energy resource to generate nearly 155GWh of electricity per year

Plug-in EMC filter for mini drive

Enables users to safely deploy the CFW100 Mini Drive in a wider range of simple engineering applications

Modular command and signalling devices boost flexibility

Designed to increase flexibility and simplify stock management

New series of compact variable speed drives for low-power motors

The CFW300 features an integrated micro PLC and a user-friendly control panel with LCD display

Compact hydroelectric generators

Engineers can benefit from a low weight and space-saving solution for easier installation

Synchronous motors are tough and dynamic

Suitable centrifugal compressors in air separation plants or the oil and gas industry, large fans in the steel industry or power plants, and high-power pumps and pulp mills

Explosion-proof motors with high efficiency

Suitable for applications where harsh environmental conditions demand high reliability and robustness without compromising on energy efficiency

Ultracompact water-cooled motors

Offer 1.5 to 2.6 times the power density of conventional water-cooled motors, ensuring reduced heat dissipation and a smaller frame size

Energy efficient flameproof motor

Designed to cope with aggressive and explosive atmospheres, while exceeding IE4 energy efficiency levels with minimised noise, vibration, and low operating temperature

High-voltage motors for mine

WEG has supplied H- and M-line machines to drive production facilities at the Bozshakol Clay Project in Kazakhstan

Motors drive plunger pumps

WEG to supply six custom-made squirrel-cage motors for driving plunger pumps on offshore oil production ships in Brazil

Delivering water to region in Turkey badly hit by drought

WEG has supplied eight medium-voltage asynchronous motors, to drive the pumps that transport water to the irrigation canal

Expanding the range of low voltage switchgear

WEG presents its new CWB contactor line and introduces cage clamp technology to a broader range of its control gear

Variable speed drive for HVAC applications

WEG launches frequency inverter CFW501 that has been designed to meet the needs of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry

WQuattro hybrid motors offer higher energy efficiency

WEG says its new WQuattro motors achieve an efficiency that exceeds the requirements of the impending IE4 Super Premium Efficiency classification

Bio-ethanol: motors process wheat and beet syrup

WEG technology contributes to the production of sustainable fuel in Europe

VIDEO: Petrobras P-57 super platform comes on stream

WEG supplied P-57 included medium voltage panels, low voltage panels, motor control centres) and medium and low voltage dry-type transformers

Wind energy generator technology transfer

Weg in joint venture with M Torres Olvega Industrial to manufacture wind energy generators




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