Tackling damaging biofilms in water cooling systems

Biofilms are a very thin layer of bacteria that form on the surface of pipes creating an insulating layer that makes heat transfer much more difficult

Water treatment solutions for mining and metallurgy

Environmental legislation is becoming evermore strict, and new solutions have to be applied

Shining the light on water treatment

NCH Europe's aquaDART controls the chemical dosing of water systems in industrial applications

Solid concentrate set to make waves in water treatment

HandiBloc is a non-hazardous water treatment solution for safely dosing water systems

Half-bridge scrapers

Provide a cost effective option for removing sludge and scum which has settled to the bottom

Industrial thyristor controlled transformer rectifiers

Applications include water treatment, electrochlorination, surface finishing, cathodic protection and anti-fouling, electrophoretic processes

Water treatment: It’s the little things that trip you up

Brian Booth outlines how engineers can avoid getting tripped up by the dosage half life of their solutions

Building a chemical dam

Brian Booth highlights how identifying the specific contaminants in a body of water is vital, influencing how many ppm of chemical is required to be effective. It is often a lot more than 1ppm!

Silica supervisors

Reliable silica monitoring supports power station efficiency, explains Alan Mortensen

Getting handy with water treatment

HandiChem system eliminates the traditionally arduous task of transporting, handling and storing large, often 200L, drums of liquid chemicals

Control of water treatment in cooling towers

Transmitter/controller is designed to cut processing costs in water treatment applications, providing one device for the direct connection of a wide range of sensors

Ready-made enclosures for water treatment industry

Electrical contractors and designers can now save time and effort thanks to a bespoke manufacturing service

Protecting fasteners in highly corrosive environments

DuPont has developed a new water-based, low-VOC coating solution based on Teflon PTFE

Analytical hire panel service

Offers flexible temporary measurement solution for power and water plant operators

Online monitoring for water treatment

Allows water plant operators to control coagulation processes with enhanced levels of accuracy and confidence

The CO2 permeability problem

CO2 permeability meter measures this property for a wide range of materials, coatings, components, bottles, enclosures

Case study on electric actuators

AUMA electric actuators selected for micropollutant elimination scheme

Chlorine sensors for water treatment and disinfection

Real-time free chlorine measurement with FCL Series sensors from Sensorex

Solving vibration issues for large pumps in water treatment plant

Problems with the drivetrains on a number of large pumps had resulted in regular failures and downtime

Electric actuator initiative at desalination scheme

Actuators are integrated with fieldbus interfaces which comply with the Modbus protocol used by the desalination plant’s distributed control system





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