Glass-reinforced plastic delivers benefits

Don’t overlook GRP for sludge processing plant, advises Andrew Shedden

Advances in activated sludge

Michael Dooley explores resilience, big data, AI and optimisation of the AS process

Refreshing event for water industry

November 2016 will be the seventh time this dedicated biennial water exhibition will be held

Automatic dosing system launched

Monitors and adjusts water treatment programme to ensure industrial water-cooling systems stay free contamination

Tank scraper decisions

Half, full or three-quarters bridge scrapers: which type of design should you choose?

Tank construction in tight spaces reduces plant downtime

Spiral-seam tank construction system requires very little space for building and so is suitable for replacing, upgrading or expanding upon existing storage and processing plant capacity

£27m flood dam

Flood alleviation scheme diverts and stores water in a large reservoir which could then be used to control the flow of water

Hose pumps replace PC pumps for reliable bentonite pumping at waterworks

Progressive cavity pumps subject to wear in abrasive application; Bredel APEX15 pumps prove far more durable than PC pumps

The challenge of water scarcity

As population growth and climate change place increasing pressure on the amount of fresh water available. How, asks Steve Mines, is water scarcity impacting manufacturers and what can be done to preserve this most precious of natural resources?

Archimedes screw pump cuts energy consumption by 44% at pumping station

The Archimedes screw pump can operate for longer periods, keeping the remaining submersibles in reserve in case of greatly increased flows during storm conditions

Water control devices: the benefits of high density polyethylene

Jamie Wesley looks at the benefits that HDPE components have over wood, steel and iron

Managing mine water

The uses of water in mining operations are substantial. Philip Wood looks at the facts behind the figures

Managing water pollution

A specialist service launched to help industrial and commercial sites avoid the devastating environmental and financial consequences of inadequate pollution spill containment

Analyser measures near zero levels of chlorine

Suitable for de-chlorination applications, including municipal water systems and industrial cooling water

Interactive water industry solutions

Process animations feature alongside written descriptions, application challenges, user benefits and click-through access to detailed product information

Actuators support high service water delivery pump station

Pump and surge anticipation/relief valves supported by programmable actuators

Water management for sustainable mining

Victoria Kenrick explores the challenges of water management within the mining industry




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