Advanced Forming Research Centre opens

This VR & AR facility is the only one in Scotland

The tangible benefits of VR in the engineering space

Some thoughts on what we can expect in the future

How virtual reality is changing engineering

Training and collaboration are key areas

Exploring the world of virtual commissioning

How the process industries can benefit

Using VR For Building Information Modelling

VR and BIM: a winning combination

Upgraded thermal simulation software

This incorporates VR to help with visualisation

Virtual component testing on the horizon

Swansea University is heading a research project to see how accurately 3D X-ray imaging can form image-based simulations, sidestepping the need for physical verification

Technologies leading the fourth industrial revolution

Technologies leading the fourth industrial revolution

Augmented reality and virtual reality in manufacturing

Although VR and AR are years away from mainstream adoption in manufacturing, it seems like they have a prosperous future. Leroy Spence looks at how AR and VR are changing the world of manufacturing

Modern technology used to show modern technology

Virtual reality experience for its customers to explore solutions in different industrial settings

3D data – changing the way electric utilities work

Situational intelligence solutions for the next time the power fails




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