Higher performance for artificial intelligence processors

In response to demands of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data mining, XPU operating currents have risen to hundreds of Amperes

60V buck-boost regulators

Suitable for for automotive, industrial, test, automation, lighting, battery regulation, and telecom applications

High density AC-to-DC front-end modules

Isolation and power factor correction in a rugged chassis-mountable package

DC-DC converter module line up enhanced

Paired with active EMI filters for use in demanding, space-constrained industrial and aerospace/defence applications

High-density, output-configurable power system

Provides up to 1300W of continuous power at efficiency up to 92 per cent

FIAM filter modules for DC-DC railway applications

Half-brick modules filter transients and surges, deliver up to 500W; two models accept unconditioned DC power from 72V or 110V lines




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