New simplified valve design for gas networks

This unit from Oxford Flow has only one moving part

New valve aimed at hygienic applications

This double-seat mix-proof unit has internal sensors

New Single Cylinder Intelligent Valve Technology

Brunel University London is the first to use the research engine

Safer valves for offshore oil & gas applications

New design eliminates galvanic corrosion risk

New relief valve from Weir Oil & Gas

Autonomous event reporter is Wi-Fi-enabled

Eaton launch a screw-in cartridge valve

New product features load-sensing capability

New solenoid-controlled pneumatic valve range

This 12V powered design can handle to 200 litres per minute

Valve designed with connectivity in mind

This can be powered in accordance with the European Machinery Directive

Anti-cavitation trim option to reduce vibration

These are for vee-ball rotary control valves

Electric valve actuators improved

New features include a bespoke plug and socket connection

Butterfly valve technology nets patent

This is designed for flow control, rather than isolation or shut-off

New control valve booster system

This is designed to increase the stroking speed

Next generation of mix-proof valves announced

These are for the food and beverage, dairy and brewing industries




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