Traceable time stamps for data transported over packet networks

u-blox provides concurrent GNSS technology to timing synchronization system

Automotive module combines dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Supports in-vehicle-infotainment and telematics applications requiring high data rates and concurrent connectivity

First cellular IoT module with LTE and integrated GNSS

Applications including smart utility metering, connected health and patient monitoring, smart buildings, security and video surveillance

Scalable industrial Internet of Things networks

u-blox and Wirepas aim to make large scale, decentralised networks easy to deploy

Miniature GNSS receiver optimised for covert asset tracking

Small form factor EVA-M8Q delivers highest acquisition and tracking sensitivity for applications with small antennas

Compact WiFi module works alongside LTE links

Module simplifies the integrator's RF design efforts with an integrated antenna and enables

Ultra compact global 3G/2G cellular module suitable for tracking and IoT

Constrains BOM cost and logistics complexity by selecting single 3G/2G module

Multi-GNSS receivers with embedded security

The new u-blox M8 now also supports Galileo and increases sensitivity and security

GPS/GLONASS receiver platform for low-power devices

High sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver for power sensitive applications such as wearables and sports tracking

Smart IoT gateway

Coral Edge is designed for industrial IoT/M2M applications, using u-blox LTE and GNSS technologies

LTE Cat. 1 modules for M2M and automotive applications

TOBY-R2 and LARA-R2 series support applications requiring longevity on LTE at low cost

Future-proof, high speed, always-on connectivity

u-blox introduces TOBY-L201, a 150 Mbps 4G LTE and WCDMA module with multi-carrier support

Precision timing module for cellular networks

LEA-M8F leverages GNSS satellites with other clock sources to ensure base stations stay in-sync

Combining cellular and positioning

Capitalising on the combined business of in-house cellular and positioning technologies u-blox provides advanced solutions for many different applications that require wireless connectivity and/or global positioning

Global positioning made easy

Global navigation satellite system receivers are required in vehicle and asset tracking systems, personal locators, security systems, vending machines, health monitoring and recreational devices. Kim Kaisti reports

LTE module for superfast 4G bandwidth-hungry M2M applications

Offers 4G download speeds five-to-seven times faster than its 3G counterpart, the TOBY-L1 is i suited for high-speed bandwidth hungry M2M applications such as digital signage, mobile health, traffic management and security system applications




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