Cam clutch provides integral backstop for dual or tandem drives

Provides a combination of a centrifugal lift-off cam clutch and a coil spring torque limiter function BR-HT TL and TR

Free flow conveyor reduces car plant downtime

Robust rollers are resistant to wear, even when a high degree of friction is generated as the crates, which carry small parts through the factory, accumulate on the conveyor

Boosting log saw accumulator availability

Tsubaki provided a solution that increased availability, improved product quality, reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity

Chain breaker allows easy dismantling of roller chains

All wearing parts can be easily replaced and general maintenance is straightforward

Chain breaker allows easy dismantling of roller chains

Design is such that all wearing parts can be easily replaced and general maintenance is straightforward

Wear indicator eliminates unscheduled downtime on large sprockets

Tsubaki has introduced a wear indicator for large pitch chain drive sprockets which provides a clear indication of wear, allowing the sprocket to be replaced before it fails

Chain: one of the unsung heroes of the engineering world

Although a long established technology, it continues to develop and improve, so remains one of the most efficient methods of power transmission available today. Greg Sharp looks at some of the recent developments and shows how they appeal to new markets

Power transmission products help mining equipment OEMs reduce costs and improve service

High quality materials and precision manufacture minimise wear and ensure long life, even in the most demanding mining applications

Linear actuators for bulk handling applications

Derek Mack explains why more engineers than ever before are turning to Electro-Mechanical linear actuators as their first choice of actuation mechanism

Increasing efficiency and reliability between chain and sprocket

Physical interaction between chain and sprocket can have a profound effect on the performance of the entire drive system

Strengthening the weak link in the chain for asphalt pavers

Chain and sprocket set specifically designed for Material Tranfer Device

Precision couplings for wide range of applications

Tsubakimoto Chain launches series of precision couplings able to deliver reliable torque transmission with improved stiffness

Chains for corrosive environments

Applications exposed to frequent washdowns, harsh weather or involve a chain being submerged in water, require a superior level of corrosion resistance

New high-precision couplings for servomotor drives

Coupling is specifically designed for use with servomotor drives such as those on machine tool feed shafts, says Tsubakimoto Chain

Rock and roll

Abrasive dust particles infiltrate chain links and cause corrosion which leads to elongation and eventual failure

Protecting bucket elevator conveyor chain

Conveyor attachment chain for bucket elevators features an innovative sealing solution

Fourth-generation BS/DIN chain offers longer life

Tsubaki's fourth-generation BS/DIN standard roller chain, branded Tsubaki GT4 Winner, incorporates features that extend the operating life considerably

Wider range of standard cam clutches now held in stock

Tsubaki is not only extending its range of cam clutches, but its standard models are now available from stocks




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