Linear position sensors provide high accuracy steering

Satellite guidance is employed as a key element to reduce vehicle travel over the agricultural fields to the very minimum

Zero flow offset measurement

Morgan Advanced Materials has developed a method to measure the zero flow offset property for a broad spectrum of transducers, optimising overall flow measurement accuracy in ultrasonic sensors

High-accuracy current transducers

Closed-loop fluxgate transducers measure DC, AC or pulsed current from 60 A up to 600A

Heavy duty explosion proof pressure transducers

Designed to withstand the more extreme environmental and pressure conditions

New current transducers range

Hall effect ASIC-based current transducers measure from 100 A up to 2000A DC, AC or pulsed

Vacuum transducers with EtherCAT

EtherCAT is currently the fasted industrial Ethernet technology and convinces with easy handling

Linear Displacement Transducer range expanded

New size for AC-AC LVDT works under extreme pressures and temperatures




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