Low on-resistance N-channel MOSFETs for load switching

Suited for use in the latest battery operated portable applications

Compact 60V SMD MOSFET

60V SOP Advance SMD device allows designers to optimise performance and reduce size of power supply and motor control designs

Reducing power consumption in power supply

Low-voltage devices in TO220 and TO220SIS packages deliver ‘best-in-class’ efficiency across range of load conditions

60 and 100V automotive N-Channel MOSFETs

Devices provide low ON-resistance for load switch applications

DMOS FET transistor arrays

Arrays will find use in applications, including motors, relays and LED drives

New-generation of transistor arrays

Expanded line-up of highly efficient transistor arrays with the industry’s first DMOS FET source-output driver

Fast switching four-channel transistor photocouplers

Featuring low input current drive and extended temperature ranges

Photocoupler for RS-232C 100kbps communication applications

New device suited to use in industrial and home environments and offers cost and size advantages over existing 1Mbps Class IC photocouplers

Low pulse width distortion high speed photocouplers

New, thinner photocouplers are able to operate under high temperatures for use in industrial environments

15W wireless power receiver IC

New receiver IC from Toshiba promises faster wireless charging for mobile devices

New NAND products designed for serial peripheral interface compatibility

Toshiba introduces serial interface NAND flash memory for embedded applications

Pumping up the volume with new audio transistor output amplifier

New smaller audio transistor provides designers with greater flexibility and high fidelity

Ultra-low drop-out 500mA LDO regulator ICs

New LDO regulators from Toshiba for mobile devices achieve lowest-in-class drop-out voltages

Low power consumption 15Mbps high-speed IC-photocoupler

Ultra-thin photocoupler in SO6L package delivers creepage and clearance distance of 8mm and isolation voltage of 5000Vrms

Processors have enhanced sound and image data-mining

Applications include embedded, handheld devices and industrial equipment




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