Stepping motor driver IC has an anti-stall feedback architecture

Avoiding stalls in stepping motor operation is the highest priority for delivering stable and precise motor control

MicroSD UHS-I Card with up to 256GB memory

Users can download more apps and carry large amount of contents on their devices without concern about storage limitations

Smart gate driver photocoupler

New Toshiba device includes improved desaturation sensing function

Four-channel car audio power amplifier IC

Sound quality is refined by the integration of a current-feedback system similar to that found in high-end hi-fi audio systems

Multi-bit TVS diodes

Delivers enhanced protection features and reduces mounting space

Delivering tighter threshold voltage

Toshiba tightens threshold voltage in latest 100V automotive 2.4mΩ power MOSFET

50Mbps photocouplers for high-speed communications

Line-up includes a component with creepage and clearance distance of 8mm and an isolation thickness of 0.4mm for reinforced isolation

Ultra-low-resistance package

Toshiba unveils D2PAK+ 40V 160A 1.5mΩ MOSFET for automotive applications

Four-channel current-feedback power amplifier IC for car audio

Integrated device supports speaker protection functionality and better sound quality

Reducing conduction losses

Toshiba launches new -40V P-ch Power MOSFET for automotive applications




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