Investment in drones and wearables is set to expand across African mines

Environmental monitoring technologies have strong penetration rates in the African mining industry, finds a new report

Mines in Latin America likely to spend more than any other region

According to a recent global survey of over 630 mine managers by Timetric’s Mining Intelligence Center

Latin American mines are most dissatisfied with the cost of maintenance and servicing

A new survey by Timetric’s Mining Intelligence Center has shown mines throughout Latin America are dissatisfied with their original equipment manufacturers over cost-related factors, in particular maintenance and servicing costs

Mining: 'maintenance only’ is the preferred service contract in North America

In the US coal industry, however, the leading choice among the miners surveyed is 'life cycle management', with 40% of respondents preferring this type of contract

What is next for key technology investments in the mining industry?

Nez Guevara looks into major technology investments in the mining industry and identifies top areas for future investment by region

North American miners prefer to make procurement decisions at mine site over head office

But in Africa, Asia and Latin America only around 40% of decisions are made at the mine site

Mining: dissatisfaction with OEMS' after-sales service and availability of parts

Mining companies could shift market share away from OEMs if product quality is compromised




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