Novel super-resolution thermal imaging technique

UltraMax combines the information from multiple original thermal images into an image with higher resolution and less noise

Thermal imaging software tutorial for R&D

FLIR Systems ResearchIR 4.2 thermal imaging software provides researchers and scientists with a for viewing, acquiring, analysing, and sharing thermal data

Cooled versus uncooled thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are used for a broad range of applications but which is best for your R&D application?

Optimising the measurement performance of infrared thermal imaging cameras

There are many factors to consider when selecting a thermal imaging camera. While emissivity and wavelength are crucial when measuring the temperature of specific materials or objects, other factors such as ease of camera set up, software integration capabilities and compactness are equally important, says Glenn Wedgbrow

High definition infrared camera

FLIR Systems announces the new FLIR 1030sc High Definition Longwave Infrared camera

Thermal imaging for bonding efficiency

FLIR A-Series camera is able to detect temperature differences as small as .05ºC and produces thermal images at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels

High performance thermal imaging

Features tripod mount/lanyard connection Dual pointer lasers that frame your area of interest

1µm thermal imager for the metal processing

Specifically designed to measure the surface temperature of hot metals, as well as ceramics and graphite

Superlattice LWIR camera for high speed research

The FLIR A6750sc SLS incorporates a high performance cooled Strained Layer Superlattice detector that operates in the 7.5 to 9.5 micron waveband producing crisp LWIR thermal imagery at 640x512 pixel resolution

Thermal imaging provides offshore preventative maintenance tool

The use of optical gas imaging cameras has already become a standard practice in many oil and gas companies

New thermal imaging software packages

Latest software packages deliver instant reporting in just one click

New IR lens for thermal imaging

Resolve Optics announces Model 307, high-performance IR lens

Thermal imaging used to detect hotspots

The latest technology to minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety offshore

High temperature inspection by thermal imaging

For the high-temperature measurement of industrial furnaces, chemical heaters, and coal-fired boilers, without the need to shut down the operation

Thermal imaging in food processing

The need to accurately monitor the temperature of foods in the cooking, chilling and freezing processes has made thermal imaging the quality control method of choice for many manufacturers. Chris Brown reports

Thermal imaging: faster diagnostics, quicker solutions

From over-heating pipe joints to metal processing, the ability to identify and solve problems quickly is crucial. Sean Ottewell reports

Inspecting roof-mounted solar panels with thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect hot spots in the panels from a distance, which makes it a lot easier to find defects before they become breakdowns

New book demonstrates the scope of thermal imaging in automation

FLIR thermal imaging cameras for automation enable manufacturers to validate and increase product quality and throughput, minimise waste and improve profitability





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