Clock and timing portfolio expanded with new product

New phased-locked loop enables better RF sensitivity and radar accuracy

Faster, enhanced MCUs launched

MCUs targeted at developers’ functional safety industrial, medical, automotive and transportation designs

Low-power microcontrollers now smaller than ever

Users can leverage WLCSP package sizes on the latest FRAM-based MSP430 MCUs to optimise board space, reduce product size and save power

On-chip audio encoding and decoding

TI introduces SimpleLink Bluetooth module with enhanced audio and Bluetooth low energy capabilities

Microcontroller boosts floating point performance for real time control

Designers can also reduce complexity by consolidating multiple embedded processors into a single MCU for applications requiring real-time signal analysis. Nick Flaherty reports

IC supports screen resolutions up to 4K2K

Device provides MIPI DSI bridge from processor to embedded DisplayPort LCD panels

12G UHD-SDI reclocker for 4K broadcast video systems

TI samples quad reclocker, enables 4K video transmission at 60 Hz over single coaxial cable link

Start-up gains key partners to power the Internet of Things

A Swedish start-up has developed open source software to control devices in the Internet of Things and signed up two key partners. Nick Flaherty reports

Increasing interest in real time operating systems

The move from 8 and 16bit processors to 32bit cores is driving increasing interest in real time operating systems. While there are many well established commercial operating systems in the market, even more are emerging. Nick Flaherty reports





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