Fully integrated switch and sensor monitors system power

Designers of automotive body control modules can decrease system cost and vehicle weight by using the new device

Multi-protocol industrial Ethernet communication

SoC helps developers convert existing non-networked designs. Nick Flaherty reports

Industrial drive control system-on-chip

Improves system performance by completing the decode tasks on-chip and reducing the communication latency

The most distance with less power

Texas Instruments' new Sub-1 GHz solution spans 20km on a coin cell

Sub-1GHz wireless solution spans 20km on a coin cell

Texas Instruments has launched a sub-GHz wireless system that an run for up to 20 years on a single cell, and offer a range of up to 20km. Nick Flaherty reports

One cable to replace many

TI drives toward a one-cable world with the first integrated USB Type-C Power Delivery controller in volume production

Design control, analysis and trouble-shooting

Texas Instruments boosts WEBENCH tools for expert power-supply designers

Half-bridge gate driver improves power system performance in hybrid vehicles

Fastest 120V high-side/low-side gate driver reduces switching loss and minimises noise for greater efficiency and longer mileage

18V multi-channel synchronous buck converter

Highly-integrated DC/DC converter for space-constrained automotive and communication applications features up to 95% efficiency

Smart power switch

Replaces discrete components in powertrain and automotive body electronics

LED matrix manager for adaptive automotive headlight systems

Compact, scalable solution reduces board space by 73%, controls up to 96 high-brightness LEDs in headlamps

Motor driver quietens noise in fan and small pump applications

TI’s single-IC solution minimises board space, accelerates design cycles and reduces audible noise by up to 75%

Simplifying offline LED lighting design

High-voltage current controller for downlights and fixtures dims with microcontrollers and standard wall dimmers

28-Gbps, four-channel device offers 100G data rates and fast processing

TI’s new 100G transimpedance amplifier drives high performance in optical networking systems

Empowering manufacturers with ecosystem of digital power developers

Network of digital power tool and software developers supports TI’s broad portfolio of C2000 microcontrollers

700V power management switcher cuts quiescent power consumption in half

TI high-voltage switcher delivers energy savings to ‘always-on’ smart meters, home automation designs

Ultra-low quiescent current, high-voltage LDOs

Texas Instruments has introduced 17 new AEC-Q100-qualified, high-voltage LDOs for automotive and industrial applications

Small 18V power protection switch launched

eFuse offers multiple levels of protection, extends battery life and reduces solution size in devices

Seven-channel, NMOS low-side driver

Drop-in compatible relay driver reduces power, cost and board space

Power design tool equipped with new feature

Users can now create a power supply printed circuit board (PCB) layout in just minutes with Texas Instruments’ WEBENCH PCB Export feature





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