Low acoustic noise modular 700 to 1200W power supplies have BF ready isolation

Suitable for BF rated medical equipment, test and measurement, broadcast, communications, renewable energy

3.2kW 2U three phase supply avoids transformers

Aimed at applications from test and measurement equipment, printers, lasers and RF power amplifiers

15W 1x1 inch DC-DC converters have six-sided shielding

Applications include communications, industrial control, test and measurement, broadcast and portable battery powered equipment

600W fanless power supply

Completely silent in operation, produces no vibration and offers >25% reliability increase over fan cooled alternatives

1200W-1500W modular power supplies

Series has lowest acoustic noise and full MoPP isolation, says TDK Corporation

Software solutions for composite testing

John Cove explains the complexities of modern composites and the software required for effective test and measurement applications

Sensors for low torque and/or high bandwidth duties

Precise, dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque from 10mNm to 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz

Compact system-on-module uses Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

Aimed multi-tasking embedded systems in the automotive, broadcast, communications, industrial, medical, test and measurement markets

Rugged waterproof miniature encoder

With 8+1 joystick function for one-finger control available Rotary Switches Online

Rugged nanonics connectors

Designed to meet the rugged needs for applications within aerospace and defence, test and measurement, marine, and commercial aircraft

Torque and angle measurement for PTO shafts

NCTE’s new 7500 series torque sensor is available from Ixthus Instrumentation

Spectrum analyser has 9kHz to 3GHz frequency range

Allows in-depth testing and analysis; viable solution for many different business sectors such as R&D, QA or university research

High performance oscilloscope

Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes come in either 350MHz or 500MHz bandwidth

Low loss RF cable assembly

Applications include security, medical, defence and aerospace, including marine IP68 waterproof, test and measurement

All-in-one digital multi-meters

All-in-one digital multi-meters with power supply functionality introduced to market by test and measurement equipment expert

Dynamic load testing for design validation

Mars Labs has introduced the Titan CPU Expander for its modular DAQ system

Demonstration unit for high bandwidth, single core 12 bit 1.5GSps ADC

e2v's EV12AS200 reduces the R and D costs, design time and design risks for GSPS-speed data acquisition systems

Low-cost, Ethernet-enabled device for monitoring temperatures

Audon Electronics says the low-cost, Ethernet-enabled H0530 device can be used for temperature monitoring and alarm outputs in a wide variety of applications

Handheld tester designed for use with Industrial Ethernet

Ideal Industries is launching the IENet Pro Industrial Ethernet Cable Tester that has been optimised for efficient testing of local area networks using Industrial Ethernet

Labview 2010 gains new user-requested features

National Instruments says that its latest version of Labview features many features requested by customers, plus an enhanced compiler enables code to run faster





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