Protecting electrical enclosures in hotter climates

It is important for plant managers to consider the temperature of their electrical enclosures when the temperature begins to increase outside. Jonathan Wilkins explains how plant managers can inspect their equipment and enclosures

Sensors measure hydraulic flow, temperature and pressure

Support mobile and industrial users requiring real-time hydraulic system monitoring 24/7

Data loggers for precise recording of water levels

Can record water level and temperature in groundwater wells, streams, lakes, wetlands and tidal areas

Development kit for wireless humidity and temperature sensor applications

The Smart Gadget comes with a SHT31 humidity and temperature sensor and shows the ambient humidity, temperature, and dew point in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Temperature probe offers extended performance

For use in demanding automotive, medical and industrial temperature measurement applications

Food and beverage industry set to become a significant source of demand for sensors

Increasing investment in automation and control solutions to promote uptake, says Frost & Sullivan

High temperature multi-mode thermometer

Combines five different operating modes, including a ratio setting, two single wavelengths, a multi-mode and duo setting

Temperature control

Unistat temperature control systems provide numerous research laboratories and production lines with precise temperatures and stable process conditions

Wireless autonomous data loggers LOG-HC2-RC

RF transmissions save the user wiring costs, and useful data can be recorded quickly and easily



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