Celebrating women in engineering

Martina Antalova explains how to encourage more women to become engineers

PROFINET and CC-Link IE co-operation will expand open networks

CC-Link IE and CC-Link are the dominant open automation networks in Asia, while PROFINET is favoured in Europe

More action needed to boost number of women engineering academics

Universities must do more to retain women in scientific careers, according to a new report publishe. The UK's House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee Report on Women in Scientific Careers makes recommendations to attract and retain more female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) academics.

Technology improvements to boost demand for mining machinery

Manufacturers are continuously innovating in order to reduce cost, while enhancing safety, profitability and efficiency

Cranes take the strain

Mining Machinery Developments (MMD) has undertaken a multi-million pound factory expansion featuring new cranes from Street Crane Company

Temperature controlled stage used for investigation of gold deposits

The Linkam THMSG600 stage used at the University di Parma to study gold deposits

Copper producer selects AVEVA NET

CODELCO chooses AVEVA’s Information Management solution for project execution

Developing next generation mining technologies

Rio Tinto and iGATE Corporation announced partnership

Piezo linear actuator/manipulator replaces motorised actuators

The piezo walk drive effects linear motion directly without the need to transform rotation with gears and leadscrews, says piezo systems specialist PI

ROV in hunt for unexploded munitions in the Baltic Sea

Alasdair Murrie looks at how an ROV is being deployed to find munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea near a pipeline

Simplification of maintenance for bolts and fasteners

Electrodeposited aluminium with a PTFE top coat can deliver on the requirements for above-sea, splash water zone and sub-sea applications

Vertical-axis wind turbine gets go-ahead

Government funding is helping Qinetiq and other project partners to start work on a novel offshore vertical-axis wind turbine

Choosing the best option for overcurrent circuit protection

Kent Hou looks at the options for protecting against overcurrents in designing electronics

Novel pumping technology operates by using solar energy or waste heat

Various applications could benefit from a new pumping technology, ranging from domestic central heating circulator pumps to irrigation systems in developing countries. Jon Severn reports on the Non-Inertive Feedback Thermofluidic Engine (NIFTE) that is currently under development

Dc motors deliver high performance and efficiency for electric motorcycles

Dc motors are increasing in popularity due to their performance advantages over ac motors for applications ranging from high-speed automation to electric motorbikes. Jon Severn reports on a selection of recent developments in dc motors and drives

High-performance polymer coating can be spray-applied

A new flame spraying technique has been developed that enables Vicote high-performance polymer coatings to be applied to metal and ceramic substrates

Exploring benefits of quasi-resonant converters for power supply systems

Jon Harper looks at how equipment makers can bring the efficiency advantages and lower EMI of quasi-resonant power conversion to lower power systems.

Co-ordinate control of multiple offshore platforms

Honeywell’s central control room improves operations at Wintershall’s multiple offshore gas and oil platforms

Plug and play speed sensors are insensitive to electromagnetic fields

New speed sensor technology for industrial electric vehicles has been developed by to cope with the harsh environmental demands created by the switch to more powerful, compact ac motor designs

Extracting more from seismic data to get better subsurface models

Paradigm has developed a range of solutions that help companies to extract more value from their seismic data. Keith Forward reports





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