Minimising running costs for pumps in gas turbine power generation

Alex Myers looks at the latest technology for improving efficiency and reducing operating costs

Dual fuel: double trouble?

Peter van Neerven reveals how converting power stations to dual fuel is a challenge – but a rewarding one

Maximising pump efficiency through reduced corrosion and erosion

Industrial processes across the globe require pumps to operate reliably and efficiently. The latest pump designs and coating technologies offer significant improvements in the long term performance of industrial pumps

Lean management reduces repair times for oil and gas industry

Ian Taylor explains the principles, how they apply to the Oil and Gas sector and the practical steps that deliver benefits to the end users

Transformer refurbishment benefits port terminal

840 kVA transformer had failed with a primary winding shorted to earth

Pumping for power

Darrell Howard reports on pump maintenance in power generation

Improved asset performance in refineries

Harald Großmann looks at the maintenance challenges facing petrochemical refineries and how to improve asset performance and reliability

Geothermal energy

Philippines is the world’s second largest producer of geothermal energy for power generation

Hydro power station refurbishment increases output by 15%

Improved design and construction of the generator has increased output and made it more efficient

Pump maintenance in power generation

Darrell Howard explains some of the key points that affect a successful repair project

Proper maintenance preserves performance of gas turbines

Gas turbines have to be fired to highest permissible temperatures to get the best efficiency and output. Fighting degradation of components is a continuous challenge

45MW gas-fired generator repair delivers improved reliability

Engineers were given a 16 day window in which to complete the repair and return the generator to service

Nuclear power: keeping to the maintenance plan

In the nuclear industry safety is paramount and the design and specification used for equipment involved in generating plants are governed by a series of stringent regulations. Graeme Robertson reports

Refurbishment of Roosevelt Dam hydropower generator

Refurbishment of this iconic installation was always going to be essential in order to keep the plant working efficiently for the future

Extending the life of large motors and generators

Prolonging the service life of these vital pieces of equipment can deliver significant improvements in their life cycle cost. Richard Emery looks at the issues and some potential resolutions

Large commutator refurbishment

John Bird looks at the processes involved in delivering a fully refurbished commutator

Re-engineered rotor improves performance for 4MW refinery compressor

Engineers improved the design and performance of the compressor without further interruption to service

High voltage coils - what are the key ingredients for lasting performance?

Richard Emery looks at the various aspects of the coil manufacturing process in order to provide a better understanding to those operating and maintaining these key pieces of equipment

Repair assessment and modification of gas turbine components and assemblies

Gas turbine components have different life-limiting failure modes. Life-limiting deterioration is frequently created by a detail of a component. A thorough analysis and creative thinking can lead to modifications that result in substantial extensions of turbine lifetime. Sief Mattheij reports




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