New bearing designs extend pump operating life

Barry J Blair discusses advances in the electric submersible, subsea and traditional pump markets

1500 metre rated, six thruster ROVs

Used primarily for observation and inspection of pipelines and wells

Combined pressure and temperature transmitter

Accurate to 25,000psi and seawater submersible to 30,000ft

Subsea wet gas meter

Helps protect subsea well and pipeline integrity and supports metering/allocation strategies in challenging gas and gas condensate fields

Subsea high pressure hoses

Offer enhanced safety and increased uptime in oil and gas applications

Reducing risks and costs of steel wire ropes

Industry co-operation to improve integrity assessment of steel wire ropes for subsea lifting applications

Subsea control and monitoring communications

High-speed, copper-based, multi-drop networks as a viable alternative to fibre optic infrastructures within the subsea production system

Survey-grade inertial systems designed for underwater applications

Ekinox Subsea Series integrates the latest MEMS sensors to offer robust, small-sized, cost-effective, but high performance MRU & INS

Corrosion resistant shaft collars for marine and subsea applications

Applications found in AUVs, ROVs, seismic activity detection, tidal power and deep sea drilling equipment

Quick release nut for subsea use

Hydratight's Quick Release Nut is a compact, uncomplicated tool, which has just two moving parts, and has been used in more than 25 successful subsea projects

Offshore cranes have lifting capacities ranging up to 900mt

Developed to meet the increasing demands of the offshore construction and subsea market

ROV in hunt for unexploded munitions in the Baltic Sea

Alasdair Murrie looks at how an ROV is being deployed to find munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea near a pipeline

Time lapse seismic proves worth as a tool to boost field output

If one is looking for clear evidence that 4D (time lapse) seismic is worth its weight in gold as a tool to boost field output, they one need look no further than the Gullfaks field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea

Meeting the challenge of deep-water in-line inspection

Dr Hubert Lindner reports on the joint development of a series of 14-in/18-in ILI tools and the application survey subsequently conducted in a high-pressure, heavy-wall offshore pipeline

Next-generation nozzle check valve reduce operating costs

Oene Roorda looks at check valve options to prevent return flow, and at the advances achieved in the latest non-slam nozzle check valve design, now in production

ROV operates at depth of 3000msw

Fear of catastrophic system failure has been overcome through the Jaguar’s dual-redundancy, says Saab Seaeye

Subsea applications: bolt tensioning and flange pulling tools

Optimus 6 bolt tensioning tools with quick acting split reaction nuts have been developed for ease of use, as well as reducing diver fatigue

Pigging and SPL development

Benefit of pigging must be precisely evaluated during the early stage of SPL development.

Oil characterisation is key to preventing hydrate formation

Research carried out in Norway promises to bring new solutions to the problem of dealing with hydrate formation in pipelines. Sean Ottewell reports

ROV utilisation for varied subsea grouting operations

R S Miles and H W Lee have for more than 25 years involved with working with ROV operators and designing systems to execute subsea grouting projects using the ROV as a method of executing the service of injecting grout into a specific location or area





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