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Install smart and durable pumping systems to keep your operation running safely and efficiently, says John Dean

Failsafe actuators for coal processing

Coal extraction application demonstrates the advantages of electro-hydraulic valve actuation

Meaningful process mineralogy

Simon Isherwood explains why valuable minerals are lost to tails and provides some possible remedies

Record-breaking ropes

Christian Schorr-Golsong reveals how mining ropes on a friction winch are setting new standards for durability

Bigger, faster, stronger – better?

Radar-based level measurement instrumentation has experienced a constant rise in the radar frequencies used. But does more always equal better?

Next-gen mining motors

Tom Eklof and Peter Svartsjo reveal how advances in low-voltage motors can bring a range of benefits to the mining and minerals industry

Designing for safety

Paul Harrison introduces a new approach to belt conveyors

Drive system improves conveyor reliability at Norwegian mine

A new drive system is improving conveyor reliability at Norwegian mine

Gear oil revolution

The inside story on a specialist that has developed a smart calcium-sulphonate gear programme

Original and best

The negative implications of using replicator spare parts on slurry pumps

Mine backfill: one size fits all?

Martijn-K Mannot-Russell & Zlatko Martic explore the relationship between backfill and production

The gearbox challenge

With increasing demand for mined minerals comes a requirement to increase output and improve efficiency and a large part of this challenge falls on the machinery and its ability to deliver reliable production from a robust, versatile and compact design

Power play

Robust and reliable power transmission and motion control products are vital to the global mining industry

Positive displacement pumps

Every day mining companies need reliable pumps for a wide range of diverse and challenging applications

Rock and a hard place

Hammer and boom combination available for stationary primary crushing stations

More than a breath of fresh air

Mine ventilation design, including fan installations, is a major element in mines. Maurice Jones reports

Get it sorted

Kai Bartram looks at the use of sensor sorting technology in the mining industry and how it can to 'unlock' additional value from the minerals

Continuous checks for continuous production

Remote monitoring of the condition and location of equipment and workers is an integral part of mine automation and control, but in any efficient operation it is important to know the activities on important assets. Maurice Jones reports

Twin drivers to productivity

Remote-control of a wide range of mining equipment can be adopted correctly at various levels of sophistication, with the twin benefits of both improved safety and productivity. Maurice Jones reports

Taking the 'wonder' away

Developments in mine communications tend to be based on widespread computer communications in digital form and employ Wi-Fi





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