Solar power cable

High mechanical strength is enhanced by irradiation cross-linking of insulation materials

China’s largest 1,500 Volt solar power plant connected to the grid

Power plant has been developed by Sungrow in Datong, Shangxi Province and is currently the largest 1,500 volt solar power plant in China

Solar cell design optimised through enhanced inspection

Digital light microscopy is advancing industrial inspection, and this has now enabled the optimisation of solar cell design

Becoming carbon-neutral

Computer manufacturer on track to become carbon-neutral after new solar array

Make the most of solar panels

Screen cleaning powder can help maximise solar panel efficiency

Storage advance may boost solar thermal energy potential

Advance based on thermochemical storage, in which chemical transformation is used in repeated cycles to hold heat, drive turbines, and then be re-heated to continue the cycle

High performance edge connectors

Slimline PV-JB/BF junction box can be mounted on the edge of the panel without obscuring any solar cells

Photovoltaic, wind and hydro star as top renewables

The global installed capacity of renewable energy will more than double in 2025, says Frost & Sullivan

Quantification of pulsed solar simulators

The SR-1901PT is suitable for classifying pulsed solar simulators in PV manufacturing

Inspecting roof-mounted solar panels with thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect hot spots in the panels from a distance, which makes it a lot easier to find defects before they become breakdowns

Plastic electronic and solar cell testing facility opens

Will allow businesses to access lifetime and reliability testing equipment for a huge range of plastic electronics devices and solar cells

Solar wind - the next renewable breakthrough?

Designed to optimise the full capacity of expensive grid connections by incorporating ground-mounted solar panels on the same site as wind turbines

Could renewable energy stop your lights going out?

Is now be the moment for manufacturers to start taking renewable energy far more seriously? Rob Hill reports

Enabling technology for ultra fine line solar cell metallisation

DEK Solar’s Fine Line Stencil gives excellent line conductivity with almost no wasted silver, thereby enabling sub-40µm line widths with no increase in line resistance

Moving the UK solar market past the ‘boom and bust’ stage

International solar 'visionaries' discuss future of UK solar market. The Solar Future: UK ’13, will take place on 16th July 2011 in London

Precision bearings for solar energy

Schaeffler range also includes metal-polymer composite plain bearings and ELGOTEX plain bearings

1.5MWp photovoltaic plant completed

Due to ground inclination, the project is considered one of the most challenging plants ever built in Greece

Recycling of rejects - get more out of porous silicon

Decker Anlagenbau develops processes for purifying silicon with popcorn-like surfaces and structures

Solar cells: improving the print process

Use of ultra-fine meshes in single print mode can enable reductions in paste consumption up to 30 per cent

Martifer Solar completed a 1.5MW plant for Eurowind Energy

The photovoltaic plant was built in the municipality of Pufesti, in the eastern region of Romania





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