NX software gains Maple analysis capabilities

NX software, the CAD tool within the Siemens PLM suite, is now available with Maple analysis and optimisation functions

Tedsdongle reduces time required for configuring Teds sensor systems

HBM says its new Tedsdongle saves time when setting up test systems or test configurations involving Teds-compatible sensors

Motor efficiency software tool estimates payback

Baldor's BE$T (Baldor Energy Savings Tool) is a freely downloadable software utility that calculates the financial savings available from energy-efficient motors

Electric alternatives to pneumatic cylinders

Festo is aiming to make its new electric cylinders a simple alternative to pneumatic cylinders where improved performance is required

Design, developing and integrating engineering solutions

John Goddard looks at the work and engineering solutions available from Active Technologies Design Consultancy

Free RTOS and middleware evaluation

OpenRTOS CONNECT contains the OpenRTOS kernel, FAT and USB in a fully integrated package with 'out of the box' functionality

Microcontrollers designed for off-road vehicles

Two new Plus+1 microcontrollers from Sauer-Danfoss offer designers of off-road vehicles a wider range of control functions and design options

NEI Fusion 2.0 combines Nastran FEA and Solidworks CAD

NEI Software's NEI Fusion 2.0 is a novel combination of Nastran FEA solvers and a 3D modeller powered by Solidworks

Using virtual reality to design and simulate power plant performance

There has never been more interest in environmentally-friendly power generation technologies such as photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and biogas. However, they are complex to design and maintain. As Sean Ottewell discovers, new virtual reality (VR) software from Germany could change all that

Fusion energy: 3D software helps engineers develop next stage

Fusion power technology is mankind's biggest engineering challenge. Leading scientists, engineers and planners are working towards the solution significantly aided by the availability of 3D model based data held within a single software environment. Nick Lerner reports

Variable speed ac drives to change compressor industry

Timo Kasi explains how variable speed ac drives and new innovations can change the compressor business

Main automation suppliers focus on integration and flexibility

Integrating control and automation information, increasing network resilience and installation flexibility, and adding new functionality to Scada software are helping vendors to increase plant transparency. Sean Ottewell reports

Spindle controller includes control, drive and power supply

Aerotech's new Soloist SC high-accuracy spindle controller incorporates the single-axis speed control, drive and power supply in one unit

Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 reduces downtime

New from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 will help users to avoid equipment failures and, therefore, minimise downtime and costs

Energy-efficient machine tool technologies

Siemens will be using the EMO exhibition to promote technologies and products that can help to create energy-efficient machine tools

Ansys teams with Spaceclaim

Spaceclaim 3D Direct Modeling is now available as an option within the Ansys Simulation Driven Product Development process

Digital models definitions: beware the hidden dangers

With the evolution of software, the engineering job is more and more based on digital model definitions. Luca Cariglia reports

Drive for machine delivers on speed, simplicity and safety

Jussi Rantanen reports on a new machinery drive that is one of the easiest and fastest on the market to install, set parameters and commission

Reviewing a novel research tool for sourcing expert-level knowledge

Even with today's computer-aided design, engineering and analysis tools, there is still a need for engineers to source data from suppliers, handbooks and the internet. Jon Severn reviews Wolfram-Alpha, the 'computational knowledge engine' that could save engineers a considerable amount of time

Position sensor communicates via Ethernet Powerlink

The R-Series Ethernet Powerlink position sensor from MTS is designed for use in dynamic control applications with short cycle times





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