Ethernet switches benefit from PTP v2 synchronisation

Hirschmann's new Mice PTP modules provide nanosecond synchronisation across entire data networks using Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet

Maths software gains multicore/multiprocessor capabilities

Release 2009a of Matlab and Simulink includes improved multicore/multiprocessor capabilities and a host of new features and toolboxes

Plant studies support use of wireless in capital projects

Sean Ottewell reports on two new studies which have recommended that wireless infrastructure should be a key component in all new process projects

Record growth in installed nodes as PROFINET confidence grows

The latest report from PROFIBUS and PROFINET International shows an unprecedented increase in the number of installed nodes - as confidence continues to grow in the compatibility of process automation systems

Custom mixed signal ICs can be more economical than you may think

Custom chips can offer reduced power consumption, compared with a collection of standard parts. Paul Double reports

Monitoring structures for safe and efficient operation

Sandy Thomas looks at two recent projects which have required load measurement, strain and stress measuring integrated with mooring and docking equipment

ARC embeds Sonic technology

Provides significantly higher quality audio, allowing equipment designers to improve the quality of the audio or use smaller or cheaper components with the same audio quality

Illumination design program delivers enhanced optimisation

Michael Zollers highlights the new features and enhancements of an illumination design, analysis, and optimisation software package

PCI card for distributed motion control applications

New from Performance Motion Devices is the Prodigy/CME PCI card that can run motion control applications with no need for it to be connected a host PC

Taking the brakes off developing machine-to machine applications

Combining high-level design with speed and flexibility is the key to machine-to-machine development. Fabien Fleutot reports

Energy harvesting platform with wireless microcontroller

Harvests thermal, solar, radio frequency and vibrational energy to power wireless sensor networks based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard

3D seismic data: taking a smarter approach to interpretation

The demand for computational tools to underpin the 3D seismic interpretation process has never been more apparent. Jeremy Cresswell reports

Air conditioning features thermal wheels

They will recover up to 90 per cent (typically 75 to 85 per cent) of the energy in the extract air

Monitoring motor vibration: it can harm both energy and efficiency

Monitoring programmes can give early warning of vibration problems. Vince Burson reports

Managing data for compliance and a competitive advantage

Peter Copley discusses best practice in exploration and production data management

Field-mountable RTU controller offers high availability

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, is introducing its new PAC8000 RTU (remote terminal unit) controller, a rugged, field-mountable platform

Phase separation: meeting the technical challenges

Dr John Turner looks at how separation technology can ensure operational efficiency for every stage in the hydrocarbon E and P process chain

The IEC 61511 revision: functional safety comes of age

The independent Safety Users Group has drawn together industry experts in a discussion about the revisions currently being made to IEC 615111. The resulting video offers practical insights into the proposals and is available free online. Sean Ottewell reports

Rugged mobile computers gain ATEX explosion-safe certification

Boost productivity wherever explosive gases and chemical vapours traditionally require workers to perform their jobs using paper-based systems

Black box records car travel information

The heart of the travel recorder is a 2 MegaPixel CMOS sensor in 1/4 format, combined with a 180° lens in order to record what happens across the entire width of the road





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