Closer integration of reverse engineering and CAD techniques

Both reverse engineering and three-dimensional CAD are established techniques, but using the two together has not always been as easy as it could be. Jon Severn reports on a development that combines solid, surface and triangle modelling to enable reverse engineering and CAD to be more closely integrated

Prototyping hardware reduces development times

New Compactrio reconfigurable hardware from National Instruments will help engineers reduce development times and costs

VX Corporation launches VX 2009

Unveiled at VX Corporation's reseller conference, VX 2009 offers users expandability and more Show-n-Tell integral tutorials

Temperature sensors equipped with IO-Link

IFM Electronic's latest TR and TN series temperature sensors benefit from IO-Link connectivity, pushbutton controls and a four-digit alphanumeric display

All-in-one bus node in a 32DIL housing

Handling all bus communication routines, Deutschmann’s ready-to-install Unigate IC supports the application microprocessor

Computer-on-module with 45nm Intel Core2 Duo processor

Kontron microETXexpress-PC Computer-on-Module is 100 per cent compatible with the COM Express specification

Fluid dosage assembly is based on mass flow instruments

New from Bronkhorst is the Cori-Fill fluid dosage assembly that is based on high-accuracy Coriolis-type mass measurement instruments

Shaft couplings now available in carbon fibre

Bibby's Torsiflex shaft couplings for large equipment are now being manufactured from carbon fibre to reduce weight and boost performance

Advanced solutions key to creating competitive advantage

For process plants to run at maximum efficiency, there has to be seamless information transfer during the design, construction and operation phases. Tobias Scheele highlights one important optimisation solution

Cutting cycle times for sintered parts by more than a half

Superabrasive machining technology is drastically reducing the cycle times for producing parts manufactured from sintered metals.

Securing integrated Scada systems against cyber attacks

Failure to protect a plant's Scada system from the threat of cyber attack can have big security implications. Paul Hurst discusses the protection options

Modelling transformers for high-voltage power distribution

Dr Beriz Bakija discusses the benefits of modelling, designing and testing transformers

Revamps of power projects are now key to automation contracts

Although some greenfield power projects are still proceeding, revamps are dominating the project scene in 2009, especially migrations from old technology and the installation of self-organising wireless networks

3D CAD: integration of reverse engineering

Both reverse engineering and 3D CAD are established techniques, but using the two together has not always been as easy as it could be

Regulatory enforcement drives continuous emission monitors

Tighter legal and environmental regulations are ensuring that the chemical companies remain in the market for the latest continuous emissions monitoring systems

SERCOS lll master software driver library to be open-source

Sercos International says that Sercos III is to be the first high-performance real-time protocol for which the driver software will be freely available as source code

Control system covers all aspects of automation

Pilz says its PSS4000 automation system and PAS4000 software suite cover standard automation control, motion, safety, visualisation and diagnostics

Health monitoring systems are key to the modern plant

Monitoring is fundamental to modern plant asset management within the power generation industries

Efficient decomposition of pharmaceuticals through ozonisation

EnviroChemie to develop procedure for a new production facility in Mexico, which prevents the undesired release of ecotoxicologically contaminating drugs

Affordability, portability and precision key to thermal imaging

The latest thermal imagers focus on affordability, portability and the sort of precision you would normally expect to find with more advanced solutions.





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