Micro drives are easy to configure

Vacon 10 micro drives are said to eliminate unnecessary complexity while still providing the functions needed for most industrial applications

Remote data manager for process instruments

Siemens is launching the Sitrans RD500 remote data manager that integrates web access, alarm event handling and data capture for process instruments

VPX computing blade for parallel processing

Kontron is launching the VX6060, an innovative VPX computing blade with two independently implemented Intel Core i7 processing nodes

Programmable encoders enable new applications

Programmable resolution saves motion system development time by allowing engineers to try different levels of resolution in their prototype systems

Making rapid prototyping pay dividends in full

The very nature of rapid prototyping can make managing projects difficult. An increasing number of designers are using software configuration management (SCM) to deal with the vast volumes of code and other data involved, as Tony Smith explains

Reducing indexer set-up from hours to minutes

Proprietary software offers drag and drop I/O mapping with built-in oscilloscope for tuning and diagnostics

Improved free software for manipulating STL files

Materialise is releasing Minimagics 2, an improved version of its free software for the inspection and compression of STL files

Mathcad 15 gains new functions and integration with other tools

PTC is releasing Mathcad 15.0, which benefits from over 25 new functions, more robust reference libraries and integration with third-party tools

Draftsight – a new, free, DWG-compatible 2D drafting package

Dassault Systèmes is introducing Draftsight, a free, professional-grade 2D CAD package for use with DWG files, together with an online user community

Improving interoperability and productivity

Autodesk's new Design Suites for visual, factory and plant design benefit from new features and web services that will not be available independently

Initiative for cross-discipline design collaboration

Dassault Systèmes says its new Collaborative Multi-Discipline Engineering initiative will help manufacturers implement lean product development processes

Production of quality graphics from numerical data

ITT Visual Information Solutions is releasing IDL 8.0, which benefits from a new graphics system and an extended programming language

nCode 6 incorporates an array of engineering tools

HBM says that version 6 of its nCode durability software package comprises Glyphworks, Designlife and nCode Automation Personal Edition

Improved access to detailed material data

Matereality says that the latest version of its software enables engineers to search, analyse and collaborate with material data in new ways

Alibre Design 2011 is faster and easier to use

Benefits from a complete code re-write, a native 64-bit version and numerous time-saving tools and customisation features

Simulating continuous models with discrete events

Maplesim benefits from an improved simulation engine and support for Modelica software model libraries

Scan2CAD V8 converts PDF to CAD and raster to vector

Softcover's Scan2CAD V8 raster-to-vector converter now integrates accurate and advanced, near-instant automatic conversions of vector PDF files into DXF files

Statistical software helps boost gold mine output

Adjusting ramp grade at an Australian gold mine improved haul speeds by 2.6 per cent which helped save more than $835000 in one year. Eston Martz reports

Solutions as good as gold

Eston Martz reports on how statistical analysis software is helping a supplier of precious metals optimise its processes

Another fine mesh

KnitMesh Technologies and University of Liverpool develop mesh modelling software





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