Integrated stepper motor offers advantages over servos

Astrosyn says that for certain applications its new STM23 integrated stepper motor and drive can out-perform servo systems

More communications options for industrial drives

Parker Hannifin's AC890 modular systems drive and AC890PX high-power modular drive can now be equipped with Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP cards

Improved analysis of composite structures

Helius:MCT is a new software package from Firehole Technologies that is claimed to be the most advanced composite analysis package on the market

New versions of plastic injection moulding analysis tools

Simpoe-Mold 2009 and Simpoeworks 2009 are new, improved and more affordable plastic injection simulation software packages from Simpoe

Seismic package has 'extreme' channel count point-receiver

Jeremy Cresswell looks at the pick of what's new on the seismic technologies block

Streamer steering now crucial as market conditions tighten

Jeff Cunkelman discusses field-proven technology to optimise survey data, efficiency and safety

Measuring ocean currents for efficient seismic surveys

The demand for oil and gas drives exploration and production in to more and more complex environments. Grant Jennings and William Kikendall report

Small drives can mean big energy savings on production lines

Saving energy on a large scale therefore is not rocket science, one area that is equally as simple, but in many instances is being overlooked is small motors and small drives, often driving continuous process items such as fans, pumps and compressors

Configuration and visualisation solution

Wonderware introduces Performance Software 3.5 as integral part of MES and supervisory platform offering

ZWCAD 2009 reduces drafting time

ZWCAD Software says that its latest release of ZWCAD offers dramatic improvements in drafting efficiency

Researchers examine the market for PLCs

IMS Research has been studying the market for PLCs and the way some suppliers are shifting towards offering integrated automation systems

Securing industrial control systems against threat of cyber infection

We are all aware of the need to protect desktop computers from viruses and other malware, but what about industrial systems? Alistair Rae explains that these are generally less well protected, yet a malicious attack or an infection with malware can have devastating results. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the risks

Safe calibration of fieldbus transmitters

Until now, no practical solutions have existed for calibrating fieldbus instruments in hazardous areas, says Beamex

Creating new opportunities to help cut costs with stereolithography

You could be mistaken for thinking that stereolithography has matured. However, Paul Stevens reports that not only are the latest innovations creating significant new opportunities, but there is also an entirely new technology that has the potential to cut production times and costs

Touchscreen HMIs gain soft-PLC funcationality

Lenze's EL100 touchscreen HMIs are now offered with an optional cost-effective soft-PLC, with the programming software included in the price

Sulphur in auto oils and fuels: monitoring to global standards

Taco van der Maten outlines a new technology that is making it easier to ensure compliance with the relevant standards for sulphur in automotive fuels

Computer-on-module is more compact

Kontron claims that its new microETXexpress-PC is the smallest COM Express Pinout Type 2 compatible computer-on-module currently available

HMIs with wide-ranging industrial Ethernet support

The HMIs have their own visualisation software and are suitable for simple operating and monitoring tasks in all kinds of processes

Lowest voltage EEPROM devices

First EEPROM family with read and write operations at 1.5V and less than 400µA; suitable for battery powered applications

DC drive expanded up to 1850A

Sprint Electric is expanding its range of digital DC drives and now offers models rated from 12 up to 1850A.





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