Software package gets an update

This is for heat-tracing equipment

Software for the smart factory

Lee Sullivan offers advice for choosing industrial automation software and outlines the advantages of hardware-independent software

CAD conversion

CAD conversion, geometric simplification and data reduction with CoreTechnologie’s 3D_Evolution

The analysis of data

Asian Engineer talks data, statistics and analysis with Minitab’s Michelle Paret

Management magic - the complex framework

Project complexity and narrow margins are just two scenarios that drive management within a standard framework monitored by management computer software. Maurice Jones reports

Recycling everything but the kitchen sink

One manufacturer of building innovation products reduced the amount of landfill waste they generated from 81 million pounds per year to zero. Eston Martz reports

Piezo linear actuator/manipulator replaces motorised actuators

The piezo walk drive effects linear motion directly without the need to transform rotation with gears and leadscrews, says piezo systems specialist PI

More features for Aprol process control system

B and R is making a number of changes to its Aprol process control system to improve usability and add innovative new features

Software impacts on design for multi-core processors in single chip

Arun Subbarao looks at the issues for operating systems using multi-core devices in embedded systems

Determination of real-time tide information using GPS

David Russell and Pieter Toor report on developments in the offshore positioning and navigation markets

Extracting more from seismic data to get better subsurface models

Paradigm has developed a range of solutions that help companies to extract more value from their seismic data. Keith Forward reports

Future of wireless could depend on software defined radios

Software defined radios have been talked about for a decade. But technological developments coupled with industry demand could see software programmable RF modules becoming the standard for any wireless connectivity

Robust multi-core technology for more accurate and faster mapping

Rugged multi-core computing technology is enabling the generation of more detailed and more accurate bathymetric maps at a faster rate

Reduce plant downtime and improve machine availability

Schaeffler showcases products and services for the inspection and maintenance of plant and machinery, including torque measurement products and oil analysis services

Economical gas adsorption analyser

The compact BELSORP-Mini II from Merrow Scientific provides precise measurement of surface area and porosity

Hydrostatic level measurement in difficult access areas

Transmitter with an integral remote housing (up to a distance of 10m) allows commissioning, adjustment and viewing to be carried out at a potentially safer place of work

Femap 10 cuts analysis times by 97 per cent

The latest version of Femap enables users to take advantage of 64-bit processors, leading to significant reductions in finite element analysis times

Easy way to connect strain gauges

New from Jetter is the JX3-DMS2 strainometer module that connects strain gauges to Jetcontrol-3xx controllers or a JX3 bus head

Engineering software packages are more intuitive

Infolytica has made enhancements to improve the usability of its Magnet, Elecnet and Thermnet computer-aided engineering software tools





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