New multiphysics simulation software

This is designed to speed up the process

New simulation tool launched

EDEM brings bulk material simulation to users of Adams multi-body dynamics

Exploring the future of engineering

Topics being discussed include the Rosetta Space Mission and how lighter cars are able to produce less CO2 emissions

Acquisition strengthens portfolio of risk management expert

GexCon acquires Stormfjord to develop next generation of 3D risk management solutions

More features for Aprol process control system

B and R is making a number of changes to its Aprol process control system to improve usability and add innovative new features

Femap 10 cuts analysis times by 97 per cent

The latest version of Femap enables users to take advantage of 64-bit processors, leading to significant reductions in finite element analysis times

Chemically resistant electromagnetic flow-sensors

Polymer improves accuracy flow-sensors for measuring chemical liquids in demanding industrial environments

Engineering software packages are more intuitive

Infolytica has made enhancements to improve the usability of its Magnet, Elecnet and Thermnet computer-aided engineering software tools

Improved analysis of composite structures

Helius:MCT is a new software package from Firehole Technologies that is claimed to be the most advanced composite analysis package on the market

New versions of plastic injection moulding analysis tools

Simpoe-Mold 2009 and Simpoeworks 2009 are new, improved and more affordable plastic injection simulation software packages from Simpoe

Time lapse seismic proves worth as a tool to boost field output

If one is looking for clear evidence that 4D (time lapse) seismic is worth its weight in gold as a tool to boost field output, they one need look no further than the Gullfaks field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea

Aluminium connector targets motorsport and military systems

Serge Buechli looks at a new high-strength aluminium connector due later this year

How lagging impacts on temperature measurement

Ali Niazi and Dr Sarah Kimpton examine the impact of thermal lagging on temperature measurement for fiscal/custody transfer metering systems

Software tool validates 3D CAD models

CADIQ 6.0 is a new edition of ITI Transcendata's CAD model validation and product data quality analysis software that enables 3D PDF reports to be generated

Gas turbines for liquefied natural gas

University is collaborating with Royal Dutch Shell in a project which looks at equipment selection for a liquefied natural gas plant

Development kit simplifies use of reconfigurable I/O hardware

National Instruments' new cRIO-9951 Module Development Kit simplifies the process when designing custom Compactrio and Single-Board RIO applications

Multi-material printing

Tough economic times mean that manufacturers are increasingly squeezed on time and cost, even as products become more complex

Calibration offshore improved with decade boxes

RBB series features a re-engineered lightweight case designed for high impact resistance and protection

Advanced solutions key to creating competitive advantage

For process plants to run at maximum efficiency, there has to be seamless information transfer during the design, construction and operation phases. Tobias Scheele highlights one important optimisation solution

Co-ordinated control ensures quality assured energy supply

Niclas Krantz describes different aspects on the process towards the goal of 'quality assured energy supply'





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