Ultra-small digital humidity sensor

SHTW2 sensors suitable for applications with the tightest space constraints

New versions of the world’s smallest SDP3x differential pressure sensor

Digital SDP32 and analogue SDP37 enable excellent accuracy in the bi-directional flow range of up to 125Pa

Efficient gas flow measurements in bypass

Measuring gas flow in applications requiring high precision and cost-efficiency is a challenge. Experience in recent years has shown that microthermal flow sensors are superior to other technologies. Andries Bosma reports

Development kit for wireless humidity and temperature sensor applications

The Smart Gadget comes with a SHT31 humidity and temperature sensor and shows the ambient humidity, temperature, and dew point in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Compact liquid flow meter

New solution for industrial applications from Sensirion

Click-in design for disposable infusion flow sensor

The connection between disposable sensor element and reusable part offers a quick and easy solution for communication and mechanical integration of the sensor

Advanced platform for humidity and temperature sensors

Sensirion’s Platform3x impresses offers a solution for all precision classes and various interfaces

Environmental sensing for a smarter life

Sensirion AG's SHTW1 humidity and temperature sensor the wearable and mobile market

Measure temperature and humidity with mobile

Sensirion has announced the integration of humidity and temperature sensor into smartphones, setting a new standard for ambient sensing

World’s smallest humidity and temperature sensor

Sensirion says sensor, setting new standards for size, power consumption, production volume

Differential pressure sensors for failsafe applications

Sensirion is launching four new models in its SDP600 family of differential pressure sensors that are certified for use within failsafe control systems




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