New class of two dimensional materials

These superlattices consist of alternating layers of ultra-thin sheets. This could lead to improvements in electronics, from transistors to LEDs and ultra-efficient semiconductors

Microscopes locate hard-to-see defects

Sample inspection for difficult-to-inspect samples such as semiconductors, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays

High-speed deposition process outperforms current techniques for making displays

Spatial atomic layer deposition can deliver semiconductor layers with better performance than physical vapour deposition

3.5GHz-band GaN-HEMTs for 4G mobile-communication base transceiver stations

Designed for use in macro BTS and large numbers of micro cells that mobile network operators are employing to increase the data capacity

Ultra-low power microcontroller development kits

New microcontroller board evaluation kits offer rich toolset and features for extending battery life in products for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Get smart

Louise Smyth talks flexible displays, smartwatches and wearable electronics with an expert in intelligent semiconductor technology

High temperature adhesives and encapsulants for applications up to +250°C

Can withstand high temperatures and aggressive media in areas such as the automotive, power electronics, or oil and gas industries

Synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter

Designed to prolong battery life and efficiency in single-cell Li-ion battery applications where output voltage is within battery voltage range

Award win for electronics specialist

Renesas Electronics wins Supplier of the Year 2013 award from Continental

Highest performance space grade microprocessor ever produced

High reliability silicon specialist e2v has launched the first QML Y GHz-class microprocessor certified for use in space. Nick Flaherty reports

Evaluation kit for system on chips

Microsemi has launched an evaluation kit for its SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA. Nick Flaherty reports

New generation of RapidIO switch chips

IDT and eSilicon Collaborate on Next-Generation RapidIO Switch chips. Nick Flaherty reports

Hexachlorodisilane production ramped up

Dow Corning moves to become leading supplier of hexachlorodisilane for semiconductor manufacturing

Silicon carbide foam: extreme performance in a lightweight form

Silicon carbide foam provides the exceptional hardness, high-temperature durability and performance

Cleanroom consumable expenditures to reach $7.5bn in 2015

Operators of cleanrooms, including those manufacturing pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, aseptically packaged food, flat panels and solar cells, will spend $7.5 billion next year for consumables which are specifically designed for ultraclean applications. 

This is the most recent forecast in the McIlvaine report World Cleanroom Markets.

New surface and surface interface diagnostic systems

Designed to work with many sample types including metallurgical thin films, coatings, solar cells, and semiconductors

Software radio chip moves to CMOS

Lime Microsystems, the inventor of the field programmable RF (FPRF) concept, has moved to CMOS process technology for its second generation software radio. Nick Flaherty reports

Protect expensive semiconductors with pure silver

Aside from its natural aesthetic beauty, silver has unique electrical properties which make it a natural ally for semiconductors





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