Condition analyses and predictions for machine tool components

CMS for machine tools must fulfil complex requirements with regard to the available space and the number of drives components to be monitored

Bearing reconditioning can save time and money

Ensuring that the bearings are restored to an acceptable, functionally reliable condition, says Dave Wall

Better bearings brought to market

High-performance steel doubles life of axlebox bearings for high load applications

Building tougher turbines

Andreas Mangold on the role of crack-resistant rolling bearings in producing durable wind turbines

One-way roller clutches

Roller clutches transfer a torque in one direction and move freely in the opposite direction

Ensuring reliability of high speed trains

Schaeffler axlebox and gearbox bearings continue to ensure reliability of Hitachi Javelin high-speed trains

Bearings keep lock gates and valves moving on the Panama Canal

Schaeffler supplied more than 3,400 rolling bearings for the canal’s water management systems, including lock gates and valves

Slewing rings and spherical roller bearings

Slewing rings (yaw bearings) adjust and optimise the position of the nacelle to the direction of the wind

Bearing design calculation software

Schaeffler has released a revised and updated version of its bearing design calculation software, BEARINX

Monorail guidance systems 4.0

RUE-E series now includes sensor units that provide both automatic relubrication and bearing condition monitoring

Intelligent machine monitoring

CC-Link IE’s Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP) simplifies integration of Schaeffler’s FAG SmartCheck into Industrial Automation

Track rollers now available in premium X-life quality

Schaeffler has extended its premium quality X-life product family with a new range of rollers that offers a significantly higher load carrying capacity and a longer rating life

Prevention of white etching cracks in rolling bearings

The formation of white etching cracks in rolling bearings can lead to their premature failure. However, a number of innovative solutions have been developed that significantly reduce the risk of WEC, says Dr Steve Lacey

Two-point lubricator for rolling bearings

FAG CONCEPT2 provides two separate lubrication points that can be individually adjusted to supply bearings with varying lubricant volumes

Protect your assets and eliminate downtime

How to take a more predictive approach to maintenance strategy, avoiding high repair and replacement costs and increasing machine availability

Ready-to-fit, self-contained housing units

FAG Black Series housing units from Schaeffler are direct replacements for many Far Eastern equivalents

Expert advice on lubrication of rolling bearings

Schaeffer publishes guide on everything you need to know about the lubrication of rolling bearings

Manufacturing and the digital evolution

Increasing energy costs requires manufacturers to implement lean production solutions that help to eliminate risk, reduce costs and better manage maintenance to minimise production downtime

Remote condition monitoring of ship gearboxes

Exception-based remote condition monitoring of ships’ gearboxes for UECC provided by Schaeffler

Compact 48V electric drive module for hybrid electric vehicles

Bearings and automotive component and systems supplier Schaeffler has developed a range of innovative systems for future passenger vehicles equipped with onboard high-performance 48-volt electrical systems




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