Overcoming problems with hole deviation

A quartzite quarry in Virginia wanted to increase its production and had also been experiencing problems with hole deviation. By Steve Minett

At the cutting edge

Jon Lawson provides a ‘bit’ of news from the drilling sector, spanning advances in software and hardware as well as new rigs making their debut

Borers: raising the game

Turkka Kulmala explains how a raise borer is defying traditional raise drilling methods and helping a goldmine in Finland surpass the demands of a challenging market

Mine rejuvenation

Eric Gourley reveals how one of Australia’s top gold producers has relied on aggressive exploration, a contractor mentality and a productive new fleet of underground trucks to rejuvenate an ageing mine

The cutting edge

Jon Lawson reports on the latest drilling developments from across the world

Knowing the drill

A roundup of the latest news from the drilling sector. By Jon Lawson

Hanging rocks: scale or fail?

Scaling involves the removal of dangerous, hanging rocks before they fall due to some unplanned action. Maurice Jones reports

Five-year agreement for OCTG technology

Sandvik and Tenaris sign new five-year strategic alliance agreement

Twin drivers to productivity

Remote-control of a wide range of mining equipment can be adopted correctly at various levels of sophistication, with the twin benefits of both improved safety and productivity. Maurice Jones reports

Prime drilling power

A new air bearing design means more operating hours for the Sandvik RR321 premium rotary drill bit. Åke R Malm reports

Marine-dredged sand and gravel

Tarmac Shoreham uses Sandvik CV217 to process marine dredged aggregates

Tool system creates synergy between 20kW rock drills and 45mm drill bits

Designed to exploit the power of 20kW drifters to drill small-diameter holes faster, says Sandvik

Tool system drills straighter hole

Swedish bench-drillers prefer Sandvik T35 tool system for cautious blasting

Tool system creates synergy between rock drill bits

Designed to exploit the power of 20kW drifters to drill small-diameter holes faster, Alpha 330 signals a new era of rock-tool economy

The quest for straighter holes

German basalt quarries choose Sandvik 60 for longer service life and higher penetration




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