How can power generation companies protect themselves from loss?

Adriano Lanzilotto looks at fire risk and risk mitigation for the power generation sector

Safety when transporting strong spirits

Cengiz Citlak reports on a beverage hose whichmeets the stringent requirements of food and hygiene legislation and can also safely discharge static electricity

The key to safer working

Allan Ralston discusses how technological innovation can unlock health & safety and operational benefits

Safer sensing solutions

Introducing a range of multigas detector products for mining applications

Challenging the common misconceptions of pressure relief devices: rupture discs versus buckling pin relief valves

Challenging the common misconceptions of pressure relief devices: rupture discs versus buckling pin relief valves

Hydraulic hose maintenance should be taken very seriously

Terry Davis explains why hydraulic hose maintenance should be taken very seriously

Time to process some sound advice

Arne Berndt calls on companies to protect workers from occupational noise

Keeping samples accurate

Clive Jones discusses the importance of conducting accurate heat transfer fluid sampling

Reflective optical sensor

Provides robust reliability and versatility along with ambient light immunity

What we can learn from robot ethics

Graham Mackrell explains the three things industry can take away from the new standard

Safety to the bottom of the sea

Specialist piping solutions designed for the oil and gas sector

What lessons can be learned from Deepwater Horizon oil spill?

Louise Smyth meets the author of a new book on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to discuss what engineering lessons can be learned from such a catastrophic event

Oxy-fuel processes: it’s everyone’s responsibility

Paul Woodford provides guidelines for proper set-up and shutdown procedures, as well as technical and safety principles.

The role of risk assessment in the design of pressure relief systems

Pressure relief systems are the last line of defence against overpressure events in process plants. Roger Bours reports

Safety quick release pins

Each pin’s release button is recessed so that it cannot be pushed by accident

Circular economy initiative

The circular economy principles of re-use and recycle are enabling one global manufacturer to significantly improve its environmental health and safety targets, and turn waste furnace rock into new roads

Preventing inadvertent machinery start-up

Adaptor ensures the key cannot be turned and left in place, inadvertently re-starting machinery

Portable gas detector with extended battery Llife

Lightweight and durable, the instrument is suitable for protection in hotworks and confined space applications

Dropped objects lead to safety review

Best practices guidebook is inspiring safety hazard management initiatives

Safety: When the stakes are high

Jeff Dalgleish on choosing and using fall protection for challenging environments





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