New 1700V SiC MOSFET

Jump-start prototyping and development by combining with ROHM’s control IC and evaluation board

4-wire resistive touch panel controller ICs enhance touch sense operability

Still much demand for lower cost resistive touch technology in digital cameras, car navigation systems, and other applications

Li-ion battery monitoring IC

Device family targets a wide range of applications such as e-bikes, power tools and (hybrid) electrical vehicles

Managing power performance

ROHM Semiconductor introduces a complete system PMIC for Intel Bay Trail I Platforms

Power management designs and optoelectronics

ROHM Semiconductor targets power management, optoelectronics and wireless low energy technology

High voltage isolated SiC gate drivers

Microfabrication technology results in 2,500 Vrms isolation voltage and simplified designs

Multi-touch controller for resistive touchscreens

Internal CPU supports dual-touch gesture sensing without external resistors; built-in compensation circuits facilitate volume manufacturing




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