Waveguide bends support frequencies up to 90GHz

Fairview’s waveguide bends in WR-12 to WR-137 launched

Radar demonstration kits covering the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band

Suitable for classroom instruction, research and development for the study of fundamental radar principles

Ready-to-use semi-rigid test probes up to 6GHz

Test probes from Pasternack provide engineers an easy solution for testing and developing circuits

Broadband RF switches

Deliver isolation and power handling while maintaining low insertion loss

RF power solutions for small cells

Ampleon has launched a wide portfolio of RF power devices for medium power and massive-MIMO applications

Voltage controlled oscillators

Cover frequencies from 10MHz to 11GHz in a variety of packages

Waveguides operate to 40GHz over nine frequency bands

Pasternack flexible waveguide sections solve alignment Issues in rigid and fixed waveguide systems

Low-cost development kit platform

For fast, easy, and flexible development of Bluetooth Smart, ANT/ANT+, and 2.4GHz proprietary applications

Composite EMI is lightweight alternative to metal EMI covers

High-performance polymer composites and Moulding processes suited for military and aerospace enclosures

Outdoor redundant line amplifiers ensure continuous operation of satcom systems

RL-W systems can be specified with 17 different satcom bands covering frequencies from 950MHz to 33GHz




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