Guide to better power quality

How electrical engineers and plant and facilities managers can mitigate these problems

Transforming power quality for the renewable age

Steve Hughes explores why rail providers need to be prepared for the inevitable shift to renewable energy and to manage potential power quality issues that may arise

Powering the food chain

Steve Hughes explores how the changing nature of food production is posing challenges for electrical engineers

Voltage stabiliser for emerging markets

Designed for industrial equipment in the packaging, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive and manufacturing sectors

Tackling electrical interference

The CNW 163 filter can also be tailored for different frequencies to meet the requirements of specific agricultural applications

Protecting components in the right way

Steve Hughes explains how manufacturers of electronic components for the rail industry can protect their products from the elements

Water-cooled power controller offers extended lifespan

Suitable for industrial ovens and heating equipment in the process, automation and plating industries

Powering reliable research

New variable transformers eliminate electrical interference

A smart approach to electrical interference

Power quality specialist REO UK has launched a new range of power line filters to combat electromagnetic interference in factory automation and renewable applications

Transforming power quality

Power quality specialist REO UK has launched its new range of current transformers to provide high power efficiency to the automation, rail and renewable industries

Future ready: the road to renewable power quality

There are many problems to resolve before industries can fully rely on a consistently sustainable source of power, explains Steve Hughes

The future is (almost) now

Buzzwords fly around in industry like wasps at a picnic. Industry 4.0 is one of these hugely popular concepts, particularly when it comes to manufacturing. Here Steve Hughes gives further insight into Industry 4.0.

Profinet module embraces the future

Power quality expert REO UK has developed a module to help integrate food production machines into industry 4.0 networks

Industrial systems given added protection

Power quality specialist REO UK launchesa range of 5-limb chokes, which target electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems in industrial applications

Powering cathodic protection

Steve Hughes explains how cathodic protection can adapt to become more controlled and efficient than ever before, in line with industry 4.0

Set your lasers to stun

New range of power supplies for laser applications in food and beverage, printing, packaging and food processing

In light of the third edition

New medical isolation transformers comply with EN 60601-1 third edition

Isolating medical devices

Steve Hughes explains the importance of electrical isolation and good product design in medical environments

Anchoring spiralling cable costs

Steve Hughes explores how OEMs can anchor spiralling cable costs using sine wave filters





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