Energy supplies – a new paradigm?

Nick Boughton discusses how emerging technologies can provide a new answer to an old question: renewables are great, but what happens if it’s not sunny or windy?

Launch of renewables industry’s first truly low cost live alerting platform

EkkoSoft 4.0 delivers live monitoring and under-performance alerts for renewable energy assets

Asia Power week returns

More than 8,000 delegates and attendees from over 70 countries are expected at Asia Power Week

Falling energy costs prompt concerns over the appetite for renewables

As crude prices continue to tumble, investing in energy security has never been more attractive

Grid flexibility crucial to integrate renewables in Europe

Supported by smart functionalities and grid interconnections, decentralised energy generation will alleviate the region’s power woes

Eel bypass system at hydroelectric power plant

The Unkelmühle hydro-electric power plant pilot eel bypass initiative incorporates SIPOS’ synchronised actuators

Regulatory changes vital to attract private investments to Mexican geothermal power generation

Local experience accelerates project development and increases feasibility of harnessing untapped geothermal power

Automation control panels with communication and fieldbus capabilities

Battery back-up for real time data management in case of accidental power failure

Consortium aims to convert carbon dioxide to diesel fuel

A new alliance has been formed to commercialise technologies that will utilise concentrated solar energy to convert waste carbon dioxide into diesel fuel

Research and investment in wave power strategies

The latest wave power schemes are aimed at perfecting demonstration plants, but commercial generation is getting nearer

Bio-ethanol: motors process wheat and beet syrup

WEG technology contributes to the production of sustainable fuel in Europe

Inline wet bench for wafer and cell manufacturers

With a small system footprint and wide process window, FlexTool offers batch-size testing

Networks offer glimpse of our ‘smarter’ energy future

Projects aim to help to move the UK closer to realising our low carbon energy future




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