Installation contract for 97 wind turbines

A2SEA wins contract in Germany with installation of Gode Wind 1 and 2 Offshore Wind Farms

Demand for tidal, hydro-electric and wind turbines fuels bearings' revenues

Europe's plan to raise the share of renewable energy in its energy consumption mix is expected to boost the solar, bio-fuel, wind, tidal and hydro-electric energy sectors

Planetary gearboxes solution helps reduce landfill waste

As public opinion continues to turn against environmentally harmful landfill sites, ever increasingly innovative methods to improve recycling are being developed

Solar power systems installed on an unmanned oil and gas rig

WhisperPower’s Grid Independer is an autonomous hybrid power system consisting of power generation, storage and conversion parts

17.8MW solar PV cluster

The plants will produce sufficient green energy to power over 24,800 inhabitants and to avoid the annual emission of 19,300 tons of greenhouse gases

Anaerobic digestion plant to produce 1.5MW of renewable energy

FLI Energy completes construction of Tamar Energy’s Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Harmonising the production of foodstuffs and energy

Vin2Food process facilitates ecologically sound and economically attractive use of the vinasse/slurry

Turbine for light-wind locations

Nordex is offering the N131/3000 on tubular steel towers with a hub height of 99 and 114 metres for international markets

Green light given for UK’s largest offshore wind demonstration site

Onshore and offshore planning consents mean Narec’s site is ready for development; demonstration site is key facility for testing next-generation offshore technology

Harvesting 'low velocity' ocean energy

Anders Jansson looks at how a new technology for harvesting energy from low velocity ocean and tidal currents boosts the potential for marine energy

Oil analysis and vibration monitoring provide early warning to plant operators

Monitoring system indicates damage or wear to bearings, cages and gears within a gearbox or other industrial gear unit

Black pellet to replace coal

Black pellets have superior energy and handling qualities, and are renewable and suitable for base loading and dispatching on demand. Carole Engelder reports

The advantage of speed for damper drive applications

For combustion air and flue gas applications, some critical services are very dependent on rapid speed to ensure equipment life, operator safety and peak plant performance. Rand Underwood reports

Harvesting 'low velocity' ocean energy

Anders Jansson looks at how a new technology for harvesting energy from low velocity ocean and tidal currents boosts the potential for marine energy

Long-term investors move into wind power

Advances in technology and a flurry of new projects are attracting serious investors into the wind energy market. Sean Ottewell reports

Testing energy converter

Project aims to boost the cost-effectiveness of large-scale wave energy converter arrays in UK waters

Could renewable energy stop your lights going out?

With time fast running out to stabilise energy costs, could now be the moment for taking renewable energy more seriously? Rob Hill reports

Orkney hosts major global ocean energy event

Wave and tidal test experts from around the world travelling to the islands to see first hand the pioneering work carried out by the European Marine Energy Centre

Torque transducers capable of providing highly accurate information

Helps reduce maintenance and lengthen service life for the latest gearless systems in offshore wind power plants

Higher energy efficiency of geothermal heating and cooling attracts non-residential segments

The technology's small carbon footprint finds favour among environmentally-conscious end users




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