JLR accelerates aluminium recovery project

Brunel University scientists are checking material quality

Plastic fantastic: creating with a clean conscience

Terry O’Reilly explores how the big companies are starting to act on creating with a clean conscience, including Proctor & Gamble, Head & Shoulders, and IKEA

Plastic waste: the choices

Adrian Griffiths looks at the issue of exporting plastic waste to be dumped in other countries and just what this means for the recycling industry

Recycled food waste helps power homes

More than 100,000 tonnes of food waste have been now been recycled by Scottish Water

Designing for the ‘circular’ economy

Plastics Recycling Expo takes place in Telford, UK, next week

Arsenal scores with stadium recycling

Sustainable waste management has been a key element in club's environmental strategy

Recycling plastic scrap

Tailor-made plastic washing plant optimises throughput, product quality and operating cost

Recycling fuel cell components

Recover project is to establish the technical and economic feasibility of recovery and re-use of high value materials from fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies

Airport invests in innovative waste storage tank design

Project aims to improve the treatment of run-off water which can be contaminated with de-icing fluid or glycol, jet fuel and oil




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