Contamination control made easier ... and better

While cleaning hose and tube assemblies has traditionally been done using a fluid flushing method, a relatively new 'dry' technique is gaining popularity. Eric Van Alphen reports

What's next after Lean?

To be able to compete, businesses need to differentiate themselves by providing products or services faster, better and at a lower cost. Jason Barclay reports

High-temperature models added to pyrometer series

Raytek's 1M/2M measuring heads for the shortwave spectrum cover a wide temperature range and improve measurement accuracy

Adapter captures advanced diagnostic data from field devices

Helps improve the flow of information and gives operators the data they need to make the right decisions

Combustion blowers optimised for gas-fired burner systems

Applications include boilers, water heaters, digital printing equipment, electronic cooling, industrial processing

Digital humidity/temperature sensors

Solution for HVAC, refrigeration, respiratory therapy, medical incubator/microenvironment and meteorology applications

Ductless fume hood

Offers operator protection where routine work is being carried out

Making in-flight pasta entrées bellissimo!

A pasta maker is supplying airlines with pasta meals, blending traditional pasta making of old world Italy with the latest technology in continuous-flow pasta cooking and cooling. Jim McMahon reports

Mixed trends for climate change gas emissions in Scotland

Methane emissions from regulated industry in are declining according to new figures

Plant-wide control optimisation

For many process companies plant-wide control optimisation is one of the cornerstones of efficient production - as these case studies demonstrate. Eugene McCarthy reports

Mixers focus on energy efficiency and customer service

Mixer suppliers are not only releasing more energy efficient models, but users can now avail themselves of 'test drive' programmes to make sure that what they buy is being optimised for their needs. Sean Ottewell reports

Peristaltic pumping tackles tricky processing problems

Peristaltic pumping offers a host of advantages over conventional pumping techniques, especially when coupled with the latest control technology. Sean Ottewell reports

Improving liquid levels monitoring

Siemens introduces two enhancements to its radar level measurement the SITRANS LR250

New silo weigh solution

AV Technology (AVT) launches retro-fit system for accurately displaying the contents weight in a silo

Hot gas filtration contract for gasification plant

Porvair signs a $10-15m agreement to supply char filtration equipment to Posco’s Gwangyang facility, South Korea

Surveying performance of large-scale heating and hot water systems

Environmental treatment concepts use clamp-on flow and heat measurement in sustainable water treatment projects

Water analysis: from drinking water to effluents

New website offers information on equipment and reagents for the determination of different types of water

The importance of efficient information documentation

Johan Hamman outlines the benefits of a software suite which enables engineers to easily create and later change the design of a plant component

Bag placer retrofit

Project involved upgrading an automatic bag placer that had been operating with a near obsolete PLC

Enclosures for all climates

LOHMEIER enclosures can be adapted to suit the requirements of any outdoor application


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