Nano silver conductive inks for printed electronics

Enable manufacturers to print highly-defined electric patterns directly onto any surface

No more wires

Small deformation to the paste generates a change of its electrical resistance generating an analogue signal to enable measurement

High-speed photonic curing of printed electronics inks

CPI enhances printed electronics capability with the installation of NovaCentrix PulseForge photonic curing system

Printing conductor paths

Electric conductor paths can be printed cost-effectively, says ContiTech

Printed Electronics USA 2014: Sensors for wearables and IoT showcased

Taking place between the 19th-20th November, it is the world's largest event on printed, organic and flexible electronics

The next generation of flexible sensors in printed electronics

IDTechEx has looked at 68 manufacturers of printed sensors worldwide and found that several emerging technologies will offer disruptive new features. Dr Guillaume Chansin reports

Temperature-tracking label monitors of perishable goods

Thinfilm builds first stand-alone sensor system in printed electronics

Developing flexible, printable low cost sensors

Nanotech developer Peratech is developing new ways for its sensor technology to be printed on flexible substrates, writes Nick Flaherty




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