Quantification of through valve leakage using acoustic emission technology

Originally developed for estimating leakage rates through valves to flare in oil refineries and offshore platforms, acoustic emission technology is also finding use in other process industries such as power generation, nuclear, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, says Tim Bradshaw

Video borescopes for remote visual inspection

Ability to inspect the interior of engines, turbines, pumps, motors, tubing and pipelines without costly disassembly

The case for metering pumps in power generation

Tom O’Donnell and Bill Ehrhardt report on the use of Neptune Diaphragm Metering Pumps in power-plant water-handling operations that require ferric sulphate and sulphuric acid

Pump maintenance in power generation

Darrell Howard explains some of the key points that affect a successful repair project

Proper maintenance preserves performance of gas turbines

Gas turbines have to be fired to highest permissible temperatures to get the best efficiency and output. Fighting degradation of components is a continuous challenge

Power generation: with great power comes great responsibility

Adriano Lanzilotto explains why power generators must adopt new approaches to mitigating operational risks

Top tips for choosing a calibration supplier

Industrial calibration services are widely available, from suppliers both big and small, but what should buyers look for when choosing a calibration partner? Matt Gypps offers 10 tips

Reducing spiral vibration on turbo-generators

Richard Livermore-Hardy discusses the capabilities of a bearing for large turbo machinery

Changes in the network security landscape

John Browett considers the current position and looks at how to mitigate potential threats

Pneumatic torque wrenches

For maintenance work in mining, oil and gas, transport, manufacturing and power generation

Large commutator refurbishment

John Bird looks at the processes involved in delivering a fully refurbished commutator

Piezoelectric materials suit high-temperature operation

Suitable for both vibration and pressure sensing for applications in process and plant control, power generation, automotive and aerospace

Hazardous-area safety light curtains

Protection for high risk flammable gas, vapour and dusty industrial environments

High input voltage DC-DC converters

Feature IP66-rated protection to suit extreme environments

Cost-effective solutions for bulk solids handling

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology helps industry to get powders and bulk materials to behave predictably through processes

High accuracy temperature calibrators

Provide high accuracy, stable temperature reference to help achieve optimum operation of temperature sensors and instrumentation

Full thrust: maintenance of industrial gas turbines

Repair process based on EOS technology opens new opportunities for industrial gas turbine maintenance cost reduction

Using split roller bearings in coal-fired power stations can save time and money

Revolvo has developed special labyrinth seals; efficient maintenance is key to running a profitable power station

Power generation: the demise of coal still has a long way to go

Weakness in core markets but there are emerging opportunities on Europe’s periphery




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