Ultra safe pressure reactor assists process optimisation

PressureSyn High Pressure Reactor used to undertake series of process experiments using small amounts of precious materials to produce optimally functionalised polymers

Copper oxide coated foam heat sinks

Low-profile copper oxide coated foam heat sinks provide outstanding performance in passive cooling environments

On the surface of polymers

Differences between polymers and other engineering materials create technical challenges in a production environment

Cutting weight of aircraft parts

Egmond Plastic's Fusible-Core Technology and a VICTREX PEEK polymer solution result in up to 50% weight reductions

Viscometer detector enhances GPC/SEC analysis for polymer development

Structural information revealed by measuring viscosity parameters enables researchers to intelligently modify polymer chain length

New polymers rise to technical challenges

Developments in polymer technology are aimed at meeting requirements for better blow moulding, polyethylene nucleation. Eugene McCarthy reports




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