Waste plastic to hydrogen project takes first step

Distributed Modular Gasification technology developed by Powerhouse Energy produces a source of hydrogen from unrecyclable plastics

Plastic recycling project success

New material created from low grade waste destined for landfill

Plastic fantastic: creating with a clean conscience

Terry O’Reilly explores how the big companies are starting to act on creating with a clean conscience, including Proctor & Gamble, Head & Shoulders, and IKEA

Switching to cast polyurethane parts

High-performance polyurethanes combine the advantages of plastics, metals and ceramics with the resiliency of rubber parts

Cloud-based remote monitoring

BinCom automates sensor data collection, dissemination and reporting

Fast curing clear adhesive for plastics and metals

Suitable for bonding plastics or other materials, including most metals, thermoplastics and composite substrates

Heat transfer product maximises power production in solar market

Omnistore MS-550 is a molten salt heat transfer media that operates at temperatures ranging from 150 to 550˚C

More focus on heat transfer safety needed

Thermal fluid specialist responds to tougher health and safety fines

Designing for the ‘circular’ economy

Plastics Recycling Expo takes place in Telford, UK, next week

Pure industrial chemicals by gasifying lignocellulosic biomass

Demand has grown rapidly for chemicals generated from renewable sources, creating a need for alternative, environmentally friendly production routes

Modular conveyor design enhances efficiencies

System that offered a seamless transition from product manufacture to label printing

European injection moulding: recovery but not for all

The packaging sector remains by far the largest injection moulding market in terms of polymer volume consumed

Cost-effective solutions for bulk solids handling

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology helps industry to get powders and bulk materials to behave predictably through processes

Accurate control of high value ingredients

Typical applications include feeding jet mills, continuous extrusion processes, micro ingredient batching

Flexible adhesive preforms

Multi-Seals Inc has introduced an alternative to liquid adhesives for component assembly

Plastics provide more cost-efficient route to safer circuit breakers

Royal DSM is supplier of materials that can replace thermosets in demanding moulded-case circuit breakers




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