Rolling bearing selection - look at the bigger picture

When selecting rolling bearings for industrial plant, machines and equipment, it is important to analyse the total cost of ownership not just the purchase price of the bearings, says Dr Steve Lacey

Alarm management makes plants and pipelines safer

DynAMo Alarm Suite helps detect critical situations amid a flood of daily alarms

Energy efficient balancer shaft leads to engine fuel savings

Schaeffler starts volume production of INA lightweight balancer shaft and rolling bearing assembly for the new Mercedes-Benz OM 651

Design advances extend the scope of heat exchangers into new areas

Heat exchangers have always been at the heart of industrial heat recovery systems, but the latest advances in their design are making them even more central to manufacturing processe

Photoelectric sensors suit food manufacturing machinery

Sick is launching the versatile MH15V photoelectric sensors that feature stainless steel housings, sealing to IP69K and a wide operating temperature range

Condition monitoring technology for industrial control

Motor Condition Monitor and Plant Condition Monitor both use an advanced technique known as model-based fault detection

Reduce plant downtime and improve machine availability

Schaeffler showcases products and services for the inspection and maintenance of plant and machinery, including torque measurement products and oil analysis services

Hydrostatic level measurement in difficult access areas

Transmitter with an integral remote housing (up to a distance of 10m) allows commissioning, adjustment and viewing to be carried out at a potentially safer place of work

Time lapse seismic proves worth as a tool to boost field output

If one is looking for clear evidence that 4D (time lapse) seismic is worth its weight in gold as a tool to boost field output, they one need look no further than the Gullfaks field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea

Pump sensors and controller deployed to power car plant HVAC

During the design phase of a new automobile factory in Shanghai, ITT Industries' Bell & Gossett unit was called in to resolve HVAC system problems. The result is an advanced and efficient set of pumps sensors and controller that power the HVAC system for the large industrial facility

Intelligent actuation allows better system control at solar power plan

Novel actuator technologies are giving the level of fine control required to ensure that industrial activities reach new levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness

Energy improvement: look at the big picture for real savings

Russell Page examines how a holistic approach to energy improvement can deliver real savings

Reccorders allow ‘transparent’ production during cooking

Field mounted electronic data recorder that can be installed anywhere, taking recording out of the control room in to the process environment

Actuators with enhanced functionality

Remote mounted, non-intrusive actuators with torque feedback which provides predictive maintenance information

Drive saves £14,000 in a year

The drive replaces automotive supplier’s existing single-speed starter works in conjunction with a compressor management system

Configuration and visualisation solution

Wonderware introduces Performance Software 3.5 as integral part of MES and supervisory platform offering

Researchers examine the market for PLCs

IMS Research has been studying the market for PLCs and the way some suppliers are shifting towards offering integrated automation systems

Tank farm operators show new confidence in fieldbus

Michael Herbstritt looks at the growing confidence in fieldbus demonstrated by tank farm operators

Securing industrial control systems against threat of cyber infection

We are all aware of the need to protect desktop computers from viruses and other malware, but what about industrial systems? Alistair Rae explains that these are generally less well protected, yet a malicious attack or an infection with malware can have devastating results. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the risks

StatoilHydro publishes report into Norwegian rig's oil spill

Norwegian company StatoilHydro has published a report which investigates the environmental impact of a crude oil spill at its Statfjord A North Sea platform in December 2007





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