Pipeline services portfolio

Wanja Galewsky and Ramiz Selimbasic introduce a range of new services with multiple benefits for pipeline operators

Pipeline flow-induced vibration

Dr Matt Straw and Alex Read look at the phenomena termed flow-induced vibration, where the internal flow of process fluids within a pipeline or piping system causes some form of vibration of the pipe

Managing crude through refined products

Allison McNulty outlines how one integrated scheduling platform can bring multiple business benefits

Improving pipeline efficiency

New pipe bevel measurement tool that can help deliver improved weld quality and superior pipeline integrity

Protection beyond the pipeline

Tim Arridge reports on cyber and insider threats to the oil and gas industry

Intelligent pigs: broadening the remit

Martin Bluck discusses today’s intelligent pigs and how technology can be leveraged to provide improved confidence to pipeline operators striving for zero pipeline failures

Ultrasonic inspection of pipelines

Stephen R Cox and David A Harman look at the use of ultrasonics for measuring sludge and sediment levels in pipelines

Mapping natural force damage

Ian Murray reveals how mapping can be used to add long-term value to in-line inspection

A ‘how to’ guide to breaking a pipeline

Neil Parkinson provides an alternative view of pipework vibration management

Corrosion transmitter is CE, ATEX and IECEx compliant

Enhanced resolution measurements allow timely response to corrosion rate spikes

Testing for graphene enhanced composite pipes

In-house testing facility to measure and demonstrate durability of a graphene enhanced composite gas pipes and pipeline materials

The rise of a need

Robert A Walters reports on an innovative subsea pipeline rehabilitation system

Landslide prompts massive pipeline relocation

Major hot tap and plugging isolation intervention to facilitate re-routing of pipeline in the hills of western Turkey

Alarm management makes plants and pipelines safer

DynAMo Alarm Suite helps detect critical situations amid a flood of daily alarms

Batching crude and condensates

New pipelines and terminals dominate oil and gas handling developments. Multi-million dollar investments are making the handling of both oil and gas much more efficient. Eugene McCarthy reports

Pipeline welds: seen, measured, quantified and approved

Hugh Davies discusses how the latest internal weld inspection tools are helping oil and gas companies to verify the quality of risers, fatigue-critical and CRA-clad pipes, as well as curved pipes and manifolds

Reducing 'nuisance' alarms in process industries

New DynAMo alarm suite helps industrial plant operators identify and address most important automation alarms

Solids pumping for profit flow

Maurice Jones reports on advantages and disadvantages of long-distance mineral transport

Camera monitors structural integrity of underwater oil and gas pipelines

The Luxus range is certified to cope with pressures over 400 atmospheres (4000m) and has be proven to work at 9000m





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